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Order promotional industrial magnets in bulk at cheap wholesale prices. You can get these wholesale magnets custom printed with logos, graphics and other business information. Take advantage of our Free Shipping offer on qualified items.

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At we carry a massive inventory of cheap promotional industrial magnets. Industries across the plane are taking advantage of the advertising possibilities our promo magnets offer them; so take pleasure on our cheap prices and order your magnetic business cards today. The business world grows thicker and competitive with every passing day and staying current with your target audience may prove to be increasingly ruthless. With mass media advertisement and infinite amounts of digital information, maintaining your image fresh in the mind of your customers can be a tricky thing to do. Our personalized industrial magnets for sale offer you the opportunity to directly approach your customers and ensure that your brand name is not quickly overlooked.


Imprint these promotional manufacturing magnets with your business name, logo, graphics and contact information to ensure that your services and products are always at a hands reach. With magnetic business cards you guarantee that your customers are constantly reminded of you and with our cheap bulk prices you can be sure to expand your brand reach. At 500 personalized magnets per case, you are sure to catapult your business into a wholly new market. Distribute amongst new and established customers and ensure greater visibility of your brand. Give these to friends and loved ones and be sure to make your services available to a virtually immeasurable market.


Customizing your wholesale manufacturing magnets is simple when you use our online interface. Browse through our gallery of cheap magnets and select the design that more closely fits your advertising theme. Download the design template unique to your desired custom magnets and place artwork within the imprint area of the model. Follow the simple steps to the completion of your order and upload all files containing your graphics to our site. Be sure to submit with your finalized order of personalized industrial magnets to avoid further delays on your order. Our graphic designers will work closely with you to ensure that you accomplish optimal execution of your business card magnets.


Advertise in style and show our unique promotional tools. Our gallery also includes Personalized Art Magnets, Logo Message Magnets and Custom Magnetic Business Cards.

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