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LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED On All Of Your Favorite Promos!


Order Promotional Pens In Bulk with Your Company Logo

Order custom printed pens in bulk for all your promotional needs and save with our everyday cheap prices. All of our metal pens, plastic pens, pencils and highlighters can be customized with your logo or brand name. Order printed or engraved according to your needs or the nature of your items of choice. Take advantage of our personalized pens, pencils and highlighters now and order using our online interface to ensure that you receive them in time for your special events. Available wholesale, our advertising items ensure that every one of your target audience receives a token of your appreciation. Great for trade show conventions and others of the like, these will soon prove essential to your campaign.

At you’ll find over 200 different styles of wholesale promotional pens. We bring you not only the best quality in metal and plastic pens, but also the cheapest prices in the market. You may select form our blue ink pens, black ink pens or red ink pens and place your order online to receive in time for your special day. These custom pens are ideal for promotional giveaways, tradeshows and corporate conventions. Pens, pencils and highlighters are a great way to advertise your business, and can help you further expand your reach. Simply present your clients and employees with low cost products that will help you make a name for yourself, and save on other methods that only seek out to make you spend more and more over the course of your efforts. Everyone loves receiving new pens as they can always come in handy at work, school or even at home. We carry a variety of classic and casual printed pens as well as elegant designs that you can order engraved to present to your most valued customers, investors, board members and the like. Whatever your needs, we have all the pens to fit every budget and style. Get them customized with your logo design or brand name and get ready to make a memorable impression of your business among current and potential clients. Using these personalized pens may get you the awareness and recognition you seek.


Some of our more exclusive styles of custom pens may prove ideal as wedding and party favors, and personal or holiday gifts. Choose from distinctive and classy designs that include our MP205 Margate Silver Net Barrel Pen, or our PGSMP201 Silver and Wood Pen Gift Sets. You can also select from a variety of fun colored pens that you can order in your choice of purple, pink, red, green, orange, or that which more closely relates to the theme of your event. These can match your event décor or just your personal style. Order our stylish pens printed or engraved with names, dates or even quotes. Great and interactive gift ideas you can extend to a number of your target audience, these bring your sophistication at the reach of your hands. Our cheap pens can be memorable gifts and keepsake items to family, friends and co-workers as well.


Restaurants, hotels, resorts and other businesses love to have promotional pens and pencils available for their customers and guests. Our line of hotel pens is extremely popular among companies looking to establish their logos. Whether you make them available across your reception area, or in your rooms, these will come in handy as the days unfold. Also great items to take back home with them after a great experience or vacation, your customized pens will help them remember and reminisce on their extraordinary stay and unforgettable service.


Customizing your new personalized pens is fast and easy when you use our online tools and D-Lab system. Choose the style of custom pens, pencils or markers you want to use and submit your artwork upon completion of your order. A free proof of your order can be provided upon request should you have questions or concerns about your final product. Contact our art specialists or customer service representatives should you need help with any step of the customization process. We like to make sure our customers are completely happy and satisfied with their purchase. Order your cheap pens with us today and take advantage of our Free Shipping offer and 110% price match guarantee.


Black Ink Pens

Browse through our selection of personalized black ink pens and choose from our variety of styles for your next promotional giveaway. You can select casual plastic pens or go for a more elegant look and get metal pens and distribute among your clients and employees. These pens come in different colors and can be printed or engraved with your logo or company name. These can help your promote your business wherever they go.


Blue Ink Pens

Our collection of personalized blue ink pens can be used for many occasions. Get these plastic and metal pens printed or engraved with names, logos or even quotes. Give them out as party favors, wedding favors or promotional giveaways. This is a great way to advertise your company and let everyone know about your exceptional business and services. Give these promotional blue ink pens to all of your clients and customers and they can promote your company every time they use these at home, school or work.


Red Ink Pens

Personalized red ink pens can be used by small and large businesses to advertise their products and/or services. Select from our different available designs and get them printed with your logo or text. Ideal for tradeshows or conventions, these are lightweight and easy to pack away. Our promotional red ink pens are also popular for teachers to have as part of their supplies, as they always come in handy when it comes to grading their students’ papers and tests.



We offer great selection of classic styles as well as trendy designs of personalized highlighters and markers. Available in a variety of colors that include pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue or green, you can get them imprinted with your logos or text and hand them out as promotional giveaway items at events across the plane. These markers will come in handy for those at work, school or even at home. Get these promotional highlighters now, and delight in unique marketing tools that will spin the way you think about advertising your brand.


Hotel Pens

Our line of promotional hotel pens are great not just for hotels but also for resorts, cruise lines, restaurants, bars and other businesses as well. Shop plastic or metal pens that you can get printed or engraved with the logo and business name, and distribute among your guests to further promote your space. Great reminders of their stay, these will help attract a new set of visitors that will in turn continue to help you grow.


Laser Engraved Pens

We also bring you elegant designs of promotional laser engraved pens. Choose from a variety of styles and get them customized with logos and text. You can use these custom engraved pens as a way to advertise your company by gifting them to clients and employees. They will always come in handy to whomever you give them too. These laser engraved pens also make great party and wedding favor as well.


Metal Pens

Shop promotional metal pens printed or engraved with your logo and business name. These custom pens bring about style and sophistication, thus leaving a great impression of your company among those you extend them to. Also available in a variety of color selections, you can extend these metal pens as unique graduation gifts the newly grads will love.  


USB Drive Pens

Our selection of promotional USB drive pens are ideal to have at tradeshows or conventions as unique giveaway items that will attract more visitors to your booth. With dual functionality, few will be able to resist the pull towards our promotional tools. Be sure to order printed or engraved with your logo and company name, and watch as these continue to advertise your products long after your events have ended.



Available wholesale our selection of custom pencils also includes a variety of mechanical pencils you can choose from. Brose our different styles and designs and select that which more closely accommodates to your needs. Select form our carpenter pencils, gold, or full color options and get started on your order now. These can be all be personalized with your logo and brand name.


Plastic Pens

Custom plastic pens are some of the most common promotional items for business out there. Convenient and cheap, these are interactive items that are always needed thus never go out of style. Select form our extensive catalog now and get started on your order of plastic pens with the help of our online interface. These will soon prove essential to your campaign. Not sure which one to get. Try our full color plastic pens, or contact our agents now; we’d love to help you find perfect pen for you.


Rollerball & Gel Pens

Custom rollerball pens and gel pens offer unique writing styles that many people prefer. These custom gel pens can be printed with names or logos and be used as promotional giveaway items for companies to gain awareness and a larger clientele. Order these personalized pens for your next tradeshow or convention and get ready to make a lasting impression of your business and services to everyone you give these to.


Stylus Pens

We have an exclusive selection of custom stylus pens. Ideal promotional giveaway, these custom pens can leave a great impression of your business and promote your services and products among new and establish customers. Great for those multitasking from intelligent devices to note taking, our extremely elegant and trendy items can be personalized with your logo design and text. Order now and save.



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