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Personalized Doctors & Nurses Gifts

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Never miss an opportunity to honor the physicians who put in long hours and make a difference through service to the country. DiscountMugs gives you numerous ways to celebrate and honor the men and women who take care of general population with millions of thankless and often unseen tasks that make going to the hospital a lot more bearable. They do an amazing jobs of taking care of us in many ways. Whether it be honoring the doctors or the whole medical community, take a moment to look through some gifts.

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Here are ten ways to celebrate Doctor’s and Nurses who so tirelessly work to save lives!



It might seem like it’s not that big of a deal, but a genuine “thank you” goes a long way in brightening the day of a physician or medical staff member.  Encourage others to do the same.  Mention something specific that they have done to help someone through a difficult time in their life.


Put together a nice luncheon

Whether it be a doctor, a set of doctors or the whole hospital, bring a guest speaker that can say the things that need to be said in deep appreciation for all that they have done and if he/she has a great sense of humor, it should keep this luncheon from being boring.  Our wholesale party favors are for everyone to enjoy!


Presentation of the corsage

The red carnation represents charity, sacrifice and bravery.  It is also the official flower of National Doctor’s Day.  This could alternatively be a group presentation during National Hospital Week.


Rub out the cares of the world

This could be part of the gifts for doctors or gifts for nurses, but find the local chapter of the American Massage Therapy Associates (AMTA) and locate through them a person or group that brings their massage chairs onsite and give each of the doctors and hospital a ten minute shoulder massage.


Something to take note of

Arrange to have a basket and some “Thank You” cards sitting in an easily accessible place for the patients as they enter the waiting room.  Give an opportunity for each patient to write something special and personalized to their doctor.


On the web

Have the webmaster of the medical office and hospital websites put up a nice and exciting splash honor Doctor’s Day and National Hospital Week.  Have patients write notes of appreciation on the website so the doctors and staff can appreciate them after work hours.


A special video

Put together a video of the staff giving praises for the doctors in the office or for the people that administratively run the hospital.  Build a YouTube Channel to post the video and invite others to post their loving expressions as well.


Show the love

Make sure that the hospital and doctors know that they are loved and highly supported.  Keep things transparent in the office so that communication is not a problem.


A tip for the day

Create ways that it is easy and available to donate to one of the doctor’s favorite charities and do so as part of the process of honoring the revered doctor.


An encyclopedia of inspiration

There are many more useful ideas and ways to honor doctors and hospitals on the Pinterest website. 


No matter how these days are celebrated, just do something to show love, honor and respect for their doctor or hospital.

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