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Remember those famous Easter egg hunts in the backyard, at church or at school?  This holiday not only brings back fond remembrances of discovering hidden colored orbs under every crevice known to man, but it is also a harbinger of warmer and sunnier days to come.  Let’s put together a celebration of life and promises of life renewed.  Let’s put together a neighborhood Easter brunch to enjoy with both family and friends.


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Here are a few tips to get your started this holiday season:


Planning Ahead

Remember, Easter mornings of the past?  They’re typically crammed with a lot of action – getting ready for this or getting ready for that.  The brunch needs to work well with everybody else’s plans within the household and the neighborhood.  Talk to the family.  Find out who’s planning to attend sunrise services and those who might be rolling in the yard searching for brightly colored eggs.  Starting times for Easter services are usually around 10:30 to 11:00 a.m.  Following services, people should be rather hungry.


Who’s Coming?

Figure out how many people can be reasonably hosted.  Send an email that requires the respondent to acknowledge that they received the invitation so that by the time the RSVP due date has passed, a fair assessment of who is showing up can be easily ascertained.  Just remember that Easter has traditionally been a holiday with family, so friends might have family plans of their own.  In fact, maybe a special invitee list made up of friends that won’t have any family plans might be a nice touch.



Knowing who’s coming will help in crafting the requisite menu for this upcoming elegant Easter brunch.  With the menu completed, a grocery list can be built.  Try having a few menu items that can be made in advance and reheated.  It’s nice to put on a nice brunch for the guests but if any steps can be made easier for the host, it will be less stressful and easier to enjoy.


Crafts 4 Kids

It might be possible that a few kids might be tagging along for the brunch.  It might be possible to have kids sitting as shining cherubs for maybe a half hour (maybe) but it would be wise to plan for their appearance at the brunch.  Create a few tables with different activities for them (that won’t get them too messy for the brunch) such as board games, coloring books and puzzles.  Finding a digital egg hunt video game couldn’t hurt either.  As the brunch comes to a close, make sure that you have some personalized Easter party favors as parting gifts.


Further Pre-planning

With all the groceries purchased, the energy in advance preparation of some of those menu items and the acquisition of the games and child activities to be enjoyed, now it’s time to decorate the place and make it the warm and inviting place that it is intended to be.  Don’t overlook this activity.  It should not be treated as an afterthought.  The ambience and feel of the environment surrounding the brunch creates the atmosphere that is desired. 


This Easter can be one of forging newer and deeper relationships.  Let this brunch be the beginning of good things to come between friends and family.

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