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Personalized Halloween Decorations

Shop Wholesale Halloween Decorations & Gifts to Share with Family and Friends

Some of the greatest party games ever played during the course of the year revolve around the Halloween celebration. Of course, in the interest of safety, some places are resorting to safer zones for kids and adults to play known as Harvest parties. Whether it’s a Halloween party or a Harvest party, you can get personalized decorations and gifts that can be used as favors too.


Here some great games to play together:


Battling Balloons


Supplies Needed

-Purchase enough black and orange balloons and create enough equally cut strings to be used by each participant.


Rules of Engagement

- Begin by separating the party guests into two groups and have them facing each other from across the room.  It would be good to have the adults separated from the kids and the kids separated by age groups as well.

- Next, get each game participant to tie a balloon to one of their ankles.

- As someone yells, “Go,” have each group or team begin gingerly walking towards each other, using their feet to try and crush the other team’s balloons.  No one will be allowed to use their hands.

- As each person has their balloon popped, they have to take themselves out of the game. 

- The team member(s) left standing from one of the groups is the winner. 

- Handout personalized Halloween party favors to each participant.


A Game Strategy Variant

- Get a large area rug and place it in the center of a large room.

- Anyone who steps off the rug (not bumped by an opponent) has to take themselves out of the game.


A Story to Pass On


How to Play the Game

- This game is really for the older youth and adults at the party.

- Build a little “scary” mood lighting.

- Put out some of the group’s favorite snacks.

- Get the party guests to come in close and form a tight circle.

- Begin the spooky fun by starting to tell a ghost story.

- Right about the time a big event is about to happen in the story, have another guest continue the story where it was left hanging.  This can be done in order around the circle or by a name being randomly called out or by tossing a small pumpkin to the person who will now be tasked with continuing the story.

- Allow everyone in the circle to contribute to the story and the last one gets to come up with a really good climax!


Don’t Pass It to Me!


How to Play

- This Halloween game is a version of the old familiar ‘Hot Potato.’

- Have the party guests sit or stand in a circle and begin the game by handing a small pumpkin to one guest.

- Make sure the CD player or iPhone is playing some sort of Halloween music.  When the music starts this is the cue to begin randomly tossing the pumpkin to each other in the circle.

- Whenever the music stops, the player holding the pumpkin is removed from the game.

- The game continues until there is one person left.

- Pass out personalized Halloween party favors to each one who played the game.  They probably have enough candy already to rot their teeth!


Variation on the Game

When there are large groups or children who are too small to play, make sure that there are suitable activities going on close by for young and old alike.  Keep plenty of party favors on hand.  They can be purchased at wholesale  so that no one is left out. 

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