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Teacher Appreciation Day

Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day with Gift Ideas They'll Actually Want

That special week is coming where we get to say “Thank You” in so many ways for the untiring work that teachers do day after day.  Hopefully, some of these ideas will get the mental juices flowing for honoring those that honor us with their matchless service! Make Teacher Appreciation Day special for the educators who continue to make tremendous contributions to the future of our children.

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Here are four ideas to get your planning going:


Pound Them!

It seems odd to want to pound someone who likely gets pounded all day long with the challenges of teaching.  However, this pounding is rather nice and doesn’t leave any bruises!


- Select a day during Teacher Appreciation Week that fits within the activities of both the teacher and students. 

- Confirm the day with school administration and let them know what’s happening so there’s no misunderstanding about the planned activity.

- Arrange desks, tables and chairs into a large party table, complete with party plates, utensils, streamers, balloons and a host of party favors and all available at wholesale prices.  Arrange special cards and notes of appreciation for the teacher to view.

- As the teacher finishes taking in all the well-wishing from the students, each student should come up to the table with an approximate pound of something to present as a gift.  It can be a pound of candy, a pound of special soap, a pound of writing utensils, etc. 

- The teacher has been successfully pounded!


Official Pronouncement

Teacher Appreciation Day/Week will be publicly displayed on signs and billboards all across the fruited plain, but nothing compares to making an official pronouncement in public and before adoring fans.


- Arrange a nice party for the teacher.

- Prearrange party favors for all that attend the gathering.

- Order an official pronouncement plaque detailing the appreciation for the teacher, the date of the event and who were in attendance.

- Present the plaque during the party and arrange for nice photo to be taken of the event and if possible, with permission, share with the local newspaper. 


The Grand Parade

Most schools have an athletic field with a track for runners.  Arrange a parade for all the teachers of the school.


- Get with school administration well ahead of the event to acquire permission to use the track and to c department. Confirm there isn’t a scheduling issue with the athletes.

- Find flatbed wagons that can be easily towed and decorated with colorful party streamers, balloons and the like.

- Find the vehicles and drivers who are willing to tow these wagons with their vehicles.  Pickup trucks would be preferable so that A-frame signs can be made honoring the teachers. 

- Add appropriate music to the event. 

- Have the teachers be towed at least three times around the track.

- As the last lap is taken, the wagons should be towed to the school and head toward a fully decorated cafeteria or gymnasium.

- This party should reflect deep appreciation expressed through cards and special gifts.

- Pre-order from whole sites enough party favors that will commemorate the event long after it has concluded.

- Invite the media to take photos and video clips of the event and express to them how much the teachers are appreciated for the service that they bring every day. 


Low Key Celebration

Sometimes a large celebration can’t be arranged for whatever reason.  But students on a given day during Teacher Appreciation Week can divert the teacher’s attention to a place outside the classroom.  While the teacher is diverted, students can place personalized teacher appreciation gifts and cards on the teacher’s desk to honor him and his name in large print on the whiteboard.

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