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Personalized Wedding Glassware

Order Custom Printed Wedding Favors

When it comes to custom wedding favors, personalized wedding glassware is the most popular. Here you can custom design your own shot glasses, wine glasses, beer mugs and more, all to make great custom wedding favors glasses for your family and friends.

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Design Engraved Wedding Flutes, Shot Glasses & More

Personalized wedding glassware is a great addition to your special day, and can be an essential part of the ambiance for your event. Use customized wedding glasses as a unique and memorable wedding favor to give all of your family and friends. Custom print a personal message, thanking all of your guests, or recounting a favorite quote, onto your wedding favors glassware. Choose engraved wedding glassware that stylishly exhibits dates, names, or any custom artwork you want your guests to see every time they pick up their glass. Personalize all of your reception glassware or toasting flutes to make a big impression, and add an extra element to your celebration. Most wedding parties feature a custom selected arrangement of glassware and tableware, but you can make your event stand out with these expertly printed custom wedding glasses. All of the printing at discountmugs.com is done in-house, at our state of the art facilities, so you can depend on the highest quality wedding glasses available with quick turnaround times. And with discountmugs.com 110% lowest price guarantee you can expect your printed wedding glasses at everyday low prices, so you can make a big impact without breaking the bank. Uploading your custom graphics, logos, or text on your wedding glasses is quick and easy using discountmugs.com. Simply select your personalized wedding glassware and then use the D-lab upload system to upload your files; that’s it! If you are concerned about the quality of your artwork, a proof of your custom wedding glassware will be available upon request at no extra charge. Choose discountmugs.com to help you make your wedding everything it can be, by personalizing every aspect of the day including the custom glassware. Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference, these engraved wedding glasses are sure to make your day extra special.


Wedding Shot Glasses

Personalized wedding shot glasses can be custom printed with a personal message, a custom image, or any other custom designed artwork you prefer. Use these engraved wedding shot glasses to make each toast on your special day an event to remember. When you are filling these customized wedding shot glasses, for all of your family and friends, your custom printed graphics or text will be the highlight of the moment. Perfect as a custom wedding favor or as a unique addition to your wedding party, choose these printed wedding shot glasses to add that extra personal touch to your celebration.


Wedding Champagne Flute Glasses

Not every celebration is worthy of popping champagne bottles, but at your wedding you will need a sophisticated and functional solution for your champagne glasses. Personalized wedding champagne flute glasses can be an essential component of your wedding party. Use these engraved wedding champagne flutes at your reception, and custom print them with your custom message: including important dates, or a quote that your guests can share with you. These customized wedding champagne flute glasses are also perfect as a heart-felt and thoughtful wedding favor, which will help keep the memory of your special day for your family and friends.


Wedding Beer Mugs

Personalized wedding beer mugs are perfect your special event, and aren’t just reserved for the groomsmen. Customize you wedding beer mugs with a special message, graphics, or any other special artwork you design. Use these custom printed wedding beer mugs as a great wedding favor that will be used for years to come. Choose these engraved wedding beer mugs as a special gift for the best men or women, and design them with a shared memory of how you are all connected by friendship. These custom beer glasses are also a fun and functional addition to your wedding reception.


Wedding Favor Koozies

Guests at your wedding are sure to be toting drinks around during the celebration, so choose custom printed wedding favor koozies to help keep their drinks cold and hands comfortable. Personalized wedding favor koozies will make a great addition to your reception or wedding party because they are fun and functional. Upload you special graphics, message, or artwork using discountmugs.com easy upload system, and have them printed onto your customized wedding favor koozies. Make a big impression on your guests by giving them these personalized wedding favor koozies, imprinted with the dates of your union or a message that will serve as a heart-felt memento.


Wedding Votive Candle Holders

Personalized wedding candle votives are a great way to personalize your wedding table settings, or to help create a warm and welcoming ambiance that will make a big impression on all of your guests. Customize these imprinted wedding candle votives with a personal message, a custom graphic, or any other artwork that you want. These wedding votive candle holders are perfect as a wedding favor, and will give your guests a small token of your appreciation for them being there on your special day. Use these wedding candle votives as an affordable and sophisticated solution for unique wedding decor.


Wedding Mason Jars

Personalized wedding mason jars are a unique and functional solution for wedding beverage containers because the thick glass makes them both great insulators and durable, while the classic design will keep your guests reaching for their jar. Custom print your wedding mason jars with a memorable message, a special graphic, or any other artwork that you want. Uploading your graphics is easy at discountmugs.com using the D-lab system, simply select your custom wedding mason jars and upload your files. Use these engraved mason jars as thoughtful wedding favors, for your groomsmen or bridesmaids, or as stylish decorations that will add a bit of southern comfort to your special day.


Wedding Wine Glasses

For your wedding reception or celebration, use these personalized wedding wine glasses to add a bit of your personal charm to your glassware. Personalize these wedding wine glasses with a special message to your guests, and use them as a great wedding favor. You can also imprint important dates, or a significant image, onto the large print area of these custom wedding wine glasses and turn them into fun and functional decorations. All of the printing at discountmugs.com is done in-house, at our state of the art facilities, so you can depend on the highest quality standards and a quick turnaround time.


Wedding Martini Glasses

Martini glasses are an important feature of any party, and though they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, personalized wedding martini glasses are the best way to give your glassware a personal touch. Use these personalized wedding martini glasses as a wedding favor to your martini-loving bridesmaids or groomsmen; they make a thoughtful gift that can be specially designed to your specifications. Uploading your text, graphics, or artwork onto your printed wedding martini glasses is easy using discountmugs.com D-lab system: simply select your glassware and upload your files. If you are concerned about the quality of your artwork, a proof will be supplied upon request.


Wedding Pilsner Glasses

If you are planning on serving a cold and refreshing pilsner beer during your special day, then you should pick these personalized wedding pilsner glasses. They can be completely designed to meet your specifications, and these custom printed pilsner glasses can feature a personal message, custom graphics, or any other artwork that you prefer. This makes these wedding pilsner glasses perfect as a wedding favor or gift. Choose imprinted wedding pilsner glasses from discountmugs.com as a functional and stylish solution to beer glassware because of our unbeatable prices- backed by a 110% lowest price guarantee- and our high-quality manufacturing/printing from our state of the art facilities.


Wedding Drinking Glasses

Personalized wedding drinking glasses are a must for your special day because they offer a degree of customization that no standard drinking glass can provide. Use these custom printed wedding drinking glasses to make a big impact on your guests; give them something they will remember for years to come. These custom drinking glasses are multifunctional, and can be used as both a thoughtful wedding favor that is printed with a personal message or as stylish and effective wedding decor. It is often hard to find wedding glasses that look exactly the way you want, but with glassware from discountmugs.com you can depend on the highest quality manufacturing standards and a design/printing team that will work with you to make you happy.


Wedding Margarita Glasses

Any wedding planner would agree, if you are serving margaritas on your special day you should use these personalized wedding margarita glasses to add that personal touch that standard glassware just can’t provide. Use these personalized wedding margarita glasses as an affordable and effective solution for custom wedding favors, by printing a personal message or significant image on to each one. You can even use these wedding margarita glasses as clever and functional decorations that will keep your guests reaching for another margarita. All of the printing at discountmugs.com is done in our state of the art facilities, so you can expect the highest quality wedding margarita glasses at everyday low prices.


Wedding Whiskey Glasses

On your special day, there are sure to be a number of your guests that will need their own whiskey glasses. Choose these personalized wedding whiskey glasses as an economical and customizable solution to standard glassware that can be custom printed to your specifications. Use discountmugs.com easy upload system: D-lab, to upload a personal message, custom graphics, or any other artwork onto your customized wedding whiskey glasses and make them a fun and unique addition to your event. These wedding whiskey glasses are perfect wedding favors, and can also be specially designed with dates or images so they serve as clever table decorations.

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