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Words have the incredible power to stir us, but it is only through pictures that one can tell the whole story sometimes. The keepers of memories since the early 1800's, is no surprise photos help us convey emotions like joy, nostalgia and love. It is true the camera has evolved through the ages but every time we press on the shutter release we're been bound to have a memory linked to it. Photographs not only help us understand previous generations but also carry our present into forever. These days you can turn your special occasions, as well as any random day, into mementos to make your close ones feel loved and appreciated.

Photo mugs are great gifts that will brighten anyone's day. And because you really can never have too much laughter or smiles, they're great pieces to have around the office for when the work day starts to feel like a heavy load. Pour a warm cup of coffee, or tea, around that three o' five break, and share a few jokes with your coworkers. You can order your photo mug printed with that picture you took when Jimmy first lost his tooth, and tell your colleagues the story about how scared he was every time you made to pull the thread. Get one for Daddy, too! He's sure to get a kick every time he reaches for the mug at the office. And who are we kidding? We know you'll want to savor that moment to tell his friends when he's all grown up. Whether you're looking for a practical way to take your memories on the go, or a heartfelt gift for that special someone, personalized photo ceramic mugs are crowd pleasers anyone can relate to. Upload your favorite photos for the simple joys of life in a cup.

Photo tumblers are meaningful gifts you can give Grandpa and Dad when Father's Day comes around. They carry a sentimental value, but are also practical items the male population can relate to. The truth is, men too have a sweet spot for their loved ones and rejoice in their special moments but are less likely to tote around a photo album to show all their friends about Jimmy's latest shenanigans. Photo tumblers are conspicuous items they can place strategically on the table during that early morning meeting to stealthily share a special moment with their colleagues. Order printed with that photo of Jimmy when you quickly when to the kitchen for a napkin and the spaghetti mysteriously ended on top of his head. Grandpa and Dad are sure to get a laugh out of it, plus the elegant design of our photo tumblers are sure to draw in a crowd on Sunday when the entire family gets together.

For every other occasion in life photo sports bottles are the way to go. If you really want a bring a smile to someone's face during their birthday, a big achievement like a work promotion or graduating from school, as well as celebrating your pro-athlete to be for a great performance during the week's game, you only need to upload their favorite photo, or a collage of their best moments. At DiscountMugs we make it simple to design online, and you never have to deal with the hassle of having to pick a frame that may not really fit the d├ęcor of their space. Everyone needs water, make it fun to hydrate with our unique photo sports bottles.