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Loyalty Program

on every custom purchase

Enjoy special savings and perks.

Especially For You

We created a Loyalty Program to show you how much we appreciate you.

  • 5% + Back on All Custom Items The more you buy, the more you earn!
    Shop everything- no products are excluded.

  • More Time to Shop Redeem your MugBucks on any purchase.
    All MugBucks earned do not expire until 12 months after purchase.

  • Easy to Use MugBucks automatically show as a discount. No codes, no fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

  • What are MugBucks?

    MugBucks are credits that can be used towards your next eligible purchase. In accounting terms, MugBucks are a contra-revenue line item that can be used against any pre-tax balances. It's our way of saying thanks for trusting us with your business and brand.

  • How many MugBucks will I earn on my orders?

    MugBucks members earn 5% MugBucks on all eligible purchases. Your MugBucks will be calculated based on the final spend on your prior order, after deductions for discounts and MugBucks.

  • How are MugBucks earnings calculated?

    MugBucks are earned on the purchase amount, including shipping, after all applicable discounts are removed, and after Tax is applied. Newly issued MugBucks will be automatically credited to your account upon shipment of your order. MugBucks are only earned on the total paid amount of an order.

  • Can I spend my MugBucks immediately?

    MugBucks will be earned and available for use once the order you earned them off of has shipped.

  • Do I earn MugBucks on every purchase?

    You earn MugBucks based on the net paid amount on every customized order. Mugbucks are not earned on Blank or Sample items. If you use previous MugBucks to discount an order, you will only earn new MugBucks on the remaining balance of your order. If your balance paid was $0, you will earn no MugBucks.

  • How do I become a MugBucks member?

    Joining MugBucks is automatic. All customers with a account are enrolled. New and regular customers will immediately begin earning MugBucks on all purchases starting January 15th, 2018.

  • Have I earned MugBucks for my latest purchases?

    MugBucks will be earned against all qualifying spend from January 15th, 2018, onward.

  • How do I use my MugBucks?

    You can use your MugBucks on any custom purchase when you have a MugBucks Balance. Mugbucks may not be redeemed on blank or sample items. First, you must log in with your username and password, and once you have filled your cart and proceeded to check out, you can choose to redeem your MugBucks by applying them to your order.

  • Can I pay my whole order using my MugBucks?

    Yes. If your MugBucks balance is greater than your entire pre-tax total, you will owe nothing on the order. All taxes are calculated off of any balance after MugBucks are applied – if no balance remains, taxes will zero out since they calculate off of this zero balance owed.

  • Do Mug Bucks expire?

    MugBucks expire 12 months after the purchase that generated them. You can review and redeem individual MugBucks distributions on the MugBucks Page of your account.

  • What happened to my points accumulated on the former “loyalty rewards” program?

    On January 15th we converted all points from the legacy program at a 20:1 ratio of “points” to MugBucks. So, if on January 14th, you had a balance of 1000 points, we then translated that value into 50 MugBucks, and populated those 50 MugBucks to your account on January 15th. Your MugBucks account history will show a line item for this transaction on January 15th.