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User Agreement & Policies

General Terms of Use Information

  • General

    Discount Mugs specializes in custom screen printing promotional items such as ceramic mugs, glasses, plastic bottles, steel travel mugs, mousepads and an assortment of promotional pens. Discount Mugs strives to deliver the highest quality as well as exceptional service at the lowest prices in the market. While we are committed to meet your every need and expectation, we wish to inform you of certain limitations that are inherent within the screen printing industry.

    Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice.

  • Methods of Screen Printing

    We employ two different methods of screen printing:

    The first is a "direct print*" method*, achieved through the use of a "direct print" machine. This process is preferred for single-color printing jobs, due to its accuracy and even application. Most one color orders undergo this process.*

    *Note that the printable area on the direct print machine is relatively "smaller" than the printable area of the decal printing process. Therefore please ensure that your logo/artwork will be legible within the specific imprint area of the item that you are ordering. We will not be responsible for any claims due to imprint being "smaller" than you thought or imagined. Imprint size is finite, and the size on your custom order will be governed by the height and width of your specific logo/artwork/text.

    The second method is "Decal Printing*". This process is sometimes considered more of an art form than a science, as the resulting imprint color is unknown until after the "curing" process. Although the decal printing process is intense and time consuming, it is the only existing process that enables us to recreate complex, vibrant and multi-colored permanent images through the use of CMYK colors. Any job that requires more than a one color imprint will be produced using the decal method.

    *Decal printing also enables us to cover a larger area of the product. However, the application process is "manual" (as opposed to "machine"), so there may be some variations with regards to placement of the decals onto the wares. These slight irregularities are deemed acceptable within the screen printing industry, and are not to be considered defective or damaged.

    We reserve the right to place our logo on the bottom of our products.

  • Laser Engraving

    We currently offer clear laser engraving. Color laser engraving is not available. One Side Engraving only. For Second Side Engraving, please call our Sales Office as additional charges may apply.

  • Artwork
    • Guidelines for submitting artwork

      Please send your imprint instructions to us immediately. If you are emailing it to the art department, please put the name and order number on the subject line. We will not accept any responsibility for delays in processing an order if we do not receive the artwork in a timely manner.

      We require "camera ready" high resolution artwork so as to meet production timelines. Although we clean up and retouch any artwork/logo received in order to make it print worthy, if you do not provide clean, high-resolution, camera-ready artwork, we will not be responsible for the resulting poor imprint quality. Note that the added work involved in cleaning up any artwork will also add to production time, which may eventually delay the order. We will not accept responsibility for the delayed production on an order when the imprint provided is of poor quality.

      DiscountMugs reserves the right to refuse printing of any artwork that may be deemed inappropriate, offensive, copyrighted, or trademarked.

    • Uploading Artwork/Using The Design Studio

      Our online order form allows you to upload your own logo/text. Please read the instructions located on the order form carefully to ensure a successful upload of your logo.

      The design studio is helpful in providing you with a very general image of your imprint; however it is not accurate in logo placement, as each item has a 'specific' imprint area. Our artists will therefore have to resize the entire imprint you submit in order to "fit" it into the actual imprint area.

      Finally, unless you "save" your design on the Design Studio, the design will not be saved and we will not receive it. Therefore do ensure that you have carefully followed all the directions so that we will receive your artwork/logo in its entirety.

    • Accepted Formats

      *Black & White camera ready art
      *Four-color process and continuous-tone images with 300 dpi at actual size.
      *Unfortunately, we are unable to accept greek letters as artwork files, as these are licensed artwork.
      *All fonts (printer and screen) must be included with your file or all text should be converted to outlines or curves.
      *Software Applications Files saved in any of the following applications are acceptable: (pc compatible format)
      * Photoshop version CS and below
      * Freehand version MX and below
      * Illustrator version CS and below
      *Vector art (eps, ai, fh, 10, cdr, ps,)
      *rasterize image, .tif, jpeg 300 dpi,
      *Customers will assume complete responsibility to obtain permission for reproduction of logos, patents, trademarks and copyrights. By agreeing to print any submitted artwork, Discount Mugs will not be held liable under any circumstances

    • Sending Your Imprint Instructions

      We will not be responsible for any missing information on your order form nor for any missing imprint instructions.

      In order to correctly follow your imprint instructions, we require that all information relating to your 'artwork' or 'logo' be sent TOGETHER as 'one' upload or in 'one' email.

      Therefore, if you send your logo in one email, and the text to be 'included' with the logo in another email, we will NOT be responsible for putting the two together. Do not send us multiple logos or artwork and assume we will know which one to use. We will not be responsible in the event we pick the 'incorrect' logo.

    • Imprint Colors

      Due to "finite" imprint areas, we reserve the right to resize your logo (imprint instructions) in order to fit it into the imprint area of the item ordered; regardless of what size you submit your imprint instructions or logo.

      However, if you specify that you want the imprint to be the same size as the submitted artwork/logo, (providing you request this imprint size on the order form as well as on the artwork canvas itself) we will comply, providing it does not exceed the maximum imprint size of the item ordered.

      For example, if your logo is 1" x 1" (the size of a quarter), and you order a one color imprint on 11oz mugs, normally we would enlarge the logo to the maximum imprint size of that process on that mug. (In this case 2.75" x 2.75")

      However, if you request that we print your logo 3.5" x 3.5", we will be unable to comply with your request, as that exceeds our maximum imprint size on that particular mug. Another example is if you request a 2" x 2" logo, and your imprint is rectangular in size, we will not be able to print the logo as you request.

    • Defaulted Font & Imprint Color

      In the event you fail to provide us with your 1) FONT choice or 2) IMPRINT COLOR choice, we reserve the right to use Arial font for our default font, and BLACK color imprint for our default imprint color.

  • Proofing

    Proof Policy (Personalize items)

    FREE E-MAIL PROOF FOR RUSH ORDERS: Our company supplies a free e-mail proof, which must be approved in writing before your order is printed. Please expedite the approval of all fax and e-mail proofs to ensure that your order ships in a timely manner. Any delay in a fax or e-mail approval could delay your order.

    Proof ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Communications are sent via email. Please make sure to enter your best contact e-mails when placing your order. Your Proof may be delay if you do not enter a valid contact e-mail address or phone number.

    Proof Location & Colors : Please note that Proofs are an approximation of what the actual item and artwork will look like after the production process. Proofs are always shown in Black; your order will print in the color chosen. Feel free to send us your logo and we will match the color for you.

    Proof Changes : All changes must be in writing; faxes or emails are acceptable. Customer is responsible for confirmation of changes made to an order. Please make sure you follow up to ensure the changes were received.

    FREE art support. : If your order is over $ 400 you will receive a FREE 'e-mail proof' before we produced your order! We offer you FREE artwork preparation and design assistance on every item we offer - don't need to do the work yourself - we are happy to help you! Whether you'd just like your logo on a product, or you'd like to add text, additional graphics or you need a new artwork layout - we'll do the work, FREE!

    *If an order has a specific "in hands" date, a proof may delay production, thus jeopardizing your chances of receiving the order in a timely manner. We will not be held responsible for any resulting delays on these orders.

    Proofs are not intended to be 'decision making tools' for the customer. Upon receiving a proof request we will work with any changes until the proof has been approved. Once the proof has been approved new shipping and delivery dates will be issued. If during the proofing process a request for cancellation is submitted, a 10% cancellation fee will be deducted. The cancellation fee is only applied if a proof has been already generated by the art team. When no proof is requested, please ensure that the artwork/logo that you are submitting is completely error free.

    In the event an order is printed with an incorrectly submitted artwork/logo, Discount Mugs will not be held responsible for your oversight, and payment in full will be valid for the completed work. You may request a redo; however it will be at your expense.

  • Tshirt

    Any orders with less than 100 pieces will be printed using 'one' size of imprint. Therefore whether you order a small, large or xlarge shirt, the size of imprint will be exactly the same size on all the shirts. Imprint sizes are posted on the website directly below the displayed shirts.

    The print method for T-shirts is determined on the artwork provided and the quantity ordered.

    The quantity of an Apperal order will determine the print method. Discount mugs cannot guarantee the same print method if the quantity of the order is increased or decreased.

  • Pens

    For maximum visibility, we strongly recommend that you request 2 lines of imprint or less. When ordering assorted pens, please be aware that we will send you only the colors that are on hand at that time.

  • Mouse Pads

    We use specialized inks when printing onto our Mouse pads, as they are made of fabric. Variations in color or clarity of image maytherefore result when custom printing onto these mouse pads. These variations are not to be construed as defects. Although we make every attempt to recreate an image or logo, we will notbe held responsible for any artwork submitted to us with low resolution.

  • Gift Boxes

    As an added convenience to our customers, we carry gift boxes for most of the items that we stock.

    These boxes do not ship out with the order itself; they follow shortly thereafter.

    In the event the gift boxes are not received, a full refund for the gift boxes will be processed. However, failure to receive the gift boxes will not be grounds for canceling an entire order.

    Note that the cardboard boxes dorequire assembly.

  • Proposition 65

    Also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, California Proposition 65 is a law that requires warning to consumers if a product exposes consumers to a wide variety of chemicals including lead and cadmium. Prop 65 does not ban any product; it simply requires warnings. Prop 65 applies only in California, and covers all products distributed in the state. Please note-Bel Inc complies with all Federal Regulations concerning chemical contents. The State of California requires significantly stricter standards be met. For additional information, please visit:&

    California Proposition 65 ("Prop 65")

    The State of California requires that no person in the course of doing business shall knowingly and intentionally expose any individual to a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity without first giving a clear and reasonable warning. Accordingly, if Buyer and/or Distributor fail to provide Discount Mugs advance written notice that Discount Mugs' product will be sold or shipped to the State of California, Buyer and/or Distributor hereby indemnifies and agrees to defend and hold harmless Discount Mugs, its agents, employees, representatives and affiliated companies, from and against any and all Proposition 65, personal injury and property damage claims, and from all other costs, liabilities, damages and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys fees and litigation expenses on account thereof or in connection with any investigation or preparation related thereto or the enforcement of this provision) relating to, resulting from, connected with or arising out of goods or products provided to buyer by Discount Mugs, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

    Any order placed with or received from Discount Mugs, including but not limited to orders placed via catalog, online, phone or mail, shall be deemed effective acceptance of these terms.

  • Handling Recommendations

    All steel and plastic travel mugs, plastic bottles, ceramic mugs, as well as glass products should only be hand washed. It is not recommended to wash these products in a dishwasher as this will promote fading (and gradual loss) of the imprint. We recommend hand washing because the imprint lasts longer. If products are the dish washed imprint fading may occur. Restaurant grade mugs are dishwasher safe as they are Hardwearing & won't chip easily. Overall we recommend hand washing all drink ware.

  • Claims/Redos

    * Please check your order immediately upon receipt. All claims must be reported within 7 calendar days upon receipt of goods.

    * Claims must be submitted IN WRITING by opening a "Ticket". You may access the Ticket System on our website by clicking on "Contact" and then "SUBMIT TICKET". Click on the appropriate area of concern, and open only " one " ticket, providing us with all the necessary information. (Example: wrong item, incorrect imprint, incomplete order, broken items etc)

    * Attach digital image(s) to your ticket depicting the problem at hand. Please send us GROUP IMAGES if the problem exists on more than one item. This is very important, as we will need a visual of ALL affected items in order to respond accurately.

    * If unable to provide a photograph, you may ship us an "in-hands" sample of the product instead. (The address is under "Contact Us".)

    * Upon receipt of the "visual", we promptly remedy the situation and redo the affected portion of the order if mandated.

    * If the quantity to be replaced is LESS than 10% of the entire order, we reserve the right to process a credit for that amount rather than redoing that portion.

    * All redos will ship via UPS Ground. If you require expedited shipping, you will be responsible for those charges.

    Note that we will only redo the affected items over 10% when the order consists of over 144 pieces. If the order consists of less than 144 pieces, we will simply issue a credit for the affected pieces.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    Customer satisfaction is very important to us, please contact us immediately via our Customer Service Ticket System if there is an issue with your order. Please select the reason that best details your item issue, along with images. Claims must be submitted within 10 business days of receipt. Discount Mugs reserves the right to refuse returns.

    Return policy applies to blank orders only. Printed items are not eligible for returns. Upon reviewing and accepting your claim, full or partial refund will be processed within 30 days of receipt of returned goods. A 10% restocking fee is applied to all returns.

  • Replacement Policy

    If an order is not well received - either due to a typo or other issues - our policy to redo the order and ship it via ground shipping method will still prevail.

    When an error has been confirmed, (upon following instructions under "claims") we will make every attempt to promptly redo the order. We will process the redo order exactly as you had originally requested minus any errors that we made. We will not change the product, the logo or artwork or the imprint color when processing the redo unless pre-approved by us.

  • Store Credit

    Courtesy Credits expire after 90 days and will no longer be usable, please log in to your account or call our customer service line to check your store credit balance. Credits issued for the full balance of an order do not expire, but will be cancelled and refunded to the card used to pay for the order or via check after a 6 month period.

  • Limitation of Liability

    In all circumstances, Discount Mugs' maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the products sold. Discount Mugs will not, under any circumstance, be held liable for any claim or action that exceeds this liability limit. Discount Mugs will not be liable for any third party claims for damages against the customer, nor for malfunction of product, cause of delays, interruption of service, or loss of business.

  • Ordering Process

    These terms will govern any orders placed with Discount Mugs and its affiliates; therefore we encourage you to read these terms priorto placing your order. By submitting an order to Discount Mugs, you (also referred to below as the customer) are hereby agreeing to all the terms and conditions as set forth below. This agreement is in lieu of a written consent, and will be binding by the both the customer and/or their representative(s).

    DiscountMugs offers a 110% price guarantee on all of the products we supply. Striving to bring our customers the lowest possible prices, this means that we guarantee 100% that our prices are the lowest in the industry. The extra ten percent is the measure of just how much cheaper our products are than our competitors. If in any case, a customer finds one of our exact products offered at a lower price by a competitor, DiscountMugs will not only match their price, but beat it by 10%. When we say our products are offered at a 110% low price guarantee, you can be sure that you are receiving the absolute lowest price. DiscountMugs reserves the right to alter guarantee in circumstances in which their managment team will individually evaluate.All prices are in USD currency.

  • Pre-Production Sample

    Some jobs require a perfect color-match so as to ensure that the color(s) will be identical. In this event, we recommend that you opt for a "pre-production sample". This "in hands" sample will only go to final production upon receipt of your written approval. The charge for a pre-production sample will still remain even if the order does not proceed to final production. Call for pricing.

    *Note that the inclusion of a pre-production sample will add to the turnaround time.

  • Color Matching

    Ceramic & Glass Colors are stocked in a wide variety of colors. Exact PMS color matches are not available. We try to match your color selections as closely as possible using PMS numbers as a reference only. Due to the nature of ceramic and glass colors, an exact match cannot be guaranteed. Colors may vary due to firing conditions or the type of substrate. For example there are many types of glazes used on ceramic products. The type of glaze used may or may not have an effect on the final color of the product.

    We also carry a vast array of imprint colors for the travel mugs, plastic water bottles and pens. Again, exact color matches cannot be guaranteed.>

    Note that the imprint color may change due to the product color. Printing white onto a red mug may cause the imprint to look whitish-pink, as red is the dominating color.

    Similarly, printing the color black onto a navy or dark green mug may result in a hard-to-see imprint, as dark on dark does not stand out. In order to promote the best visibility of your custom logo/text, we strongly recommend that you print light colors onto a dark surface and dark colors onto a light surface.

  • Production Time

    You have a choice of turnaround timelines. Your choice should reflect your "in hands" date, and we will do our utmost to stay within the given time frame. Please note that we are not responsible for late receipt of any order due to any unforeseeable circumstances, for example a lengthier proofing time, an out-of-stock product, printing or firing problems, weather-related issues or delays on behalf of the shipping company.

    • Normal Production Time

      The estimated normal production time is 6-10 business days after placing your order. This time frame is also dependent upon the size of the order and/or the complexity of the artwork or process employed. If you have a specific "in-hands" date, please be sure that there is adequate time before placing an order with a normal production time frame. Delivery dates are only estimated and not guaranteed for orders with normal production time frame. If you pay for expedited shipping method for a normal production order, only the method of shipping will be guaranteed, however the production time frame is still only estimated. Therefore, the order may still not reach you in the time frame required.

    • Rush Production Time

      We offer rush production for select items and print methods, check website for availability. If you select and pay for a rush order by selecting a "get it by" date when placing your order, we guarantee we will produce and ship your order with adequate time to ensure the order arrives by your selected date. If an order arrives late due to a delay on our end we will refund your the rush fees in full. Failure to provide high quality, camera ready artwork may cause your order to be delayed beyond the initial guaranteed date. By selecting a rush date you waive any proofing options, if you require a proof your guaranteed date may be delayed dependent upon proof approval. Our guarantee does not extend to unforeseen delays in shipping.

    • Normal Production Time

      Note that delivery dates are only "estimated" and not "guaranteed" for orders with normal production timelines.

      If you opt for "expedited" shipping method for your "normal production" order, only the method of shipping will be guaranteed, however the production timeline is still only "estimated". Therefore the order may still not reach you in the timeline required.

    • Rush Production Time

      Production time is guaranteed on rush orders; however the delivery dates are only "estimated," unless you opt for expedited shipping.

      When you place a rush order but then opt for "normal" or "ground" shipping method, please be advised that the delivery date will only be "estimated" and not guaranteed, as shipping companies do not offer guarantees for ground shipping.

      However, if you opt for "expedited" shipping, the delivery date will be guaranteed, so the order will reach you in the timeline required.


    F.O.B. Shipping Point: Miami, Florida.

    Under the terms of "FOB shipping point," title of the goods passes to the buyer at the shipping point.

    If the order is being shipped via Fedex, then once the order is ready to ship out, you will receive an automated email with a "tracking number" from Fedex.

    Please note that opting for Overnight or Second Day Air does not mean that you will receive your order the next day. Delivery time is based on the time it takes to produce your item PLUS the shipping time*.

    *Production time + Shipping time = Delivery time

    All shipments leaving our factory are inspected and signed for by the carrier. Most orders are shipped via FedEx or Motor Freight, depending on the destination and weight/size of the shipment. Motor Freight offers curbside delivery only. If you require inside delivery, please call our Sales Team at 1-800-569-1980 to make arrangements prior to placing your order. To ensure protection against breakage, we repackage FedEx shipments into larger cartons, and all motor freight shipments are palletized and shrink-wrapped. We do not deliver to APO/FPO addresses. All package orders will be shipped via FedEx.

    Fedex will not deliver to some APO/FPO addresses.

    Once the order has left the warehouse, Discount Mugs will not accept responsibility for any delays caused by the shipping company. If shipping is delayed on an "expedited" shipping order, ONLY THAT PORTION OF THE SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE CREDITED BACK BY FEDEX.

    Discount Mugs will not be held responsible either in the event the customer is not available for delivery or the customer refuses delivery.*

    Discount Mugs is a web-based business and does not offer order pick-ups to any of our clients, Discount Mugs products are to be delivered only.

    If a substantially large order requires inside delivery or a residential delivery please specify that information when placing the order. This type of delivery may incur additional charges.


    When requesting "Rush Shipping, please note that we reserve the right to rush production (based on overtime/weekend hours) in lieu of using expedited shipping methods, providing that we meet the delivery date.

    Although great precautions are taken during the packaging of each order, breakage does sometimes occur during the shipping process. In order to replace any broken and/or damaged products, we now offer optional shipping insurance*. (Replacement orders will be processed within our normal timeline of 5-7 business days plus ground shipping time.) You may opt to pay for rush shipping; however this insurance will only cover normal ground shipping. If you receive an order that contains less than 10% breakage and/or damage, we will promptly credit your account for that portion.* Please note that we will require adequate proof for any damage or breakage reported.

    *On a 144-piece order (or greater quantity) with more than 10% breakage, we will promptly replace the broken items.

    * On a 144-piece order (or greater quantity) with less than 10% breakage, the cost of the broken items will promptly be refunded.

    *Breakage on orders with less than 144 pieces will promptly be refunded, regardless of the quantity of breakage. We will be unable to replace these items.


    The size and liquid capacity noted on each of our products* (for example: 16-oz mug) is only an "approximation" and cannot be construed as the exact size or capacity. These indications only serve as generalizations. (Note: We buy all our products blank, therefore we have no influence over the precise "fill capacity" of each item)

    *These items are therefore offered AS IS.


    We make every attempt to deliver the exact quantity ordered. However, due to manufacturing issues, shipments may have an over-run or an under-run.

    "Direct Print" orders: 288 pieces or less are subject to a 10% over-run or under-run. Over 288 pieces are subject to a 5% over-run or under-run.

    All "Decal" orders are subject to a 10% over-run or under-run.


    Note that the products we carry are intended purely as promotional items; therefore products that may have minor visual imperfections should not be considered as defective or flawed items. In the event a 'product' defect is identified, we will replace the order in its entirety only upon endorsement of the defect by the manufacturer of the product. Likewise, if an imprint defect is identified, we will replace that portion of the order only upon confirmation of the defect.

    Due to the nature of the production process, slight variations and imperfections in ceramic and glass wares are not considered flaws. Variations in raw materials, glazes, production equipment and firing temperatures may also result in variations of size, shape, glaze, color, pock marks, etc. These conditions are within acceptable industry standards.

    From time to time, some products may differ in color, size, weight, or height, as these are hand-made products that come from various factories in China.

    Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice.


    Our website contains thousands of pages and they are being updated constantly by our web team. We try to be as accurate as possible when publishing information. Glitches may happen from time to time and sometimes we cannot honor pricing discrepancies such as unusually low, zero, or penny pricing.


    DiscountMugs reserves the right to alter or refuse coupon codes or special offers at any time, without notice to customer.

    Discount Mugs may offer special pricing and/or free shipping from time to time, however these discounts will not be honored on orders that have already been placed. No exceptions made.

    Not valid on existing orders, or clearance/markdown items. Applies to price per unit. Coupon code not valid on apparel, caps, usbs, golf, stress balls, coasters, koozies, or samples, cannot be combined with other offers.


    All of the products shipped out have stickers or tags with our company logo, website, and information on them. If you wish to have your order shipped without these stickers or tags, please inform a sales rep at the time of placing your order, or select the blind-shipping option on the shopping cart of your order. DiscountMugs is not responsible for the placing of stickers on products shipped out without prior request from customer to remove them.


    Greek association and greek related artwork will be subject to a lisencing fee of 8.5%, calculated off of the order subtotal. DiscountMugs is required to charge this for use of all greek-related designs, clipart, text, or artwork. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that the approval process for greek related artwork may cause a delay in your estimated ship date.


    DiscountMugs reserves the right to cancel or change the loyalty program and referral program guidelines without notice at any time. We also reserve the right to refuse or decline points to customers at our discretion. Reward points may only be claimed once per reward, as they are one time use only. Customers are limited in number of points allowed to receive based upon point structure within their customer account. Customer may not exceed limit of points possibler for connects, referrals, or other actions. Reward program and referral points from previous orders are not eligible on any actions or orders prior to March 1, 2014.


    Instore credits can be used to place an order and can be combined with live promo codes. You can also redeem your Mug Bucks while applying your Instore credit code to your order.
    Promo codes and Mug Bucks cannot be combined.


    Mug Bucks can be used by themselves or with Instore credits*.

    * Mug Bucks cannot be combined with promo codes. We recommend using the option that provides the greatest discount for your order.