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Personalized Award Ceremony Gifts

Find Custom Crystal Awards, Plaques & Other Bulk Gift Ideas

It’s generally understood that awarding employees for their efforts and achievements is a good thing for company morale.  However, sometimes people are not honored or recognized because of internal politics, public scrutiny, overall optics and a host of other complex reasons. However, no one to date has been able to put a valid price tag on corporate morale. So, award ceremonies and their requisite prizes are still a valid and often necessary means to keeping the workplace high energy and positive.


Here are some excellent tips to recognize and honor deserving employees or other subordinates:


Get a budget figured out first. 

Keep the budget where it’s easy to grasp and manageable for company expense.  Explore beautiful plaques, trophies and other ornate figurative items.  Call and talk to our representatives and let them know the budgetary parameters so that time is not wasted on items that exceed your set budget.


Spend time on event design. 

Spend a little time thinking and drafting the upcoming event design.  How would the event look?  How should the event flow?  Location?  Possibly seek out the expertise of an event producer.  Keep an eye out for the audio/visual needs of the event complete with microphones, video displays and a lectern, if desired.  Doing this will help keep the event production team on time, under budget and well-prepared.  For those managers who are less visionary, reach out to those who are such to create a unique experience for all those attending the event.


Mood setting.

The use of proper lighting and music is essential in setting the correct ambient tone.  Motion lights, up-lights and various lighting patterns are often inexpensive but definitely create a spectacular tone for the event.  The use of music continuously through the awards ceremony brings a lot of excitement, especially for the walk-ins.


Awards presentation. 

The primary goal of the award ceremony is to show off the winners of the various custom awards being presented.  These honorees should be kept in the forefront such that each winner is properly awarded and spotlighted when the award ceremony gifts are distributed.  One way of setting off the awards in a unique fashion is to video record each of the honorees ahead of the date of the event and then show video clips of these individuals just before they are honored.  These clips may even be humorous for the enjoyment of all at this gathering.



The addition of video professionals to record this occasion should be seriously considered as a way to preserve the memory of the awards presentation.  Consider having these professionals roam throughout the event capturing random slices of the characters in attendance and then the speeches by the winners themselves.  When the ceremony has concluded, a highlights video can be produced which is then posted on the company website and Facebook.  It can also be used as a promotional and recruitment tool on YouTube.  Of course, you can present both the highlights video as well as the recording of the whole event as an additional gift to the award recipients. 


Finally, don’t forget to order the awards supplies. 

Plan to order the personalized award ceremony gifts sufficiently ahead of the event in case there are errors and subsequent

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