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Baptisms and christenings are deeply spiritual occasions.  Like weddings, these religious convocations are not just special events for the immediate participants but for the larger circle of family and friends.  One thing is certain, as important as this event is, it should celebrated with style.  The various party ideas below are filled with inspiration and will make any baptismal or christening after-event an especially enhanced spiritual occasion.

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Follow these guidelines for a successful event:


Listen, it’s tough enough trying to organize a normal birthday party, but when it has to follow a deeply religious ceremony such as a baptism or christening, it can be a bit daunting.  The occasion should be both enjoyable and respectable at the same time.  To get started, unique baptismal party invitations need to be sent to a pre-identified inner circle of family and friends.  These unique invitations should be of such a nature that they can serve as keepsakes for the honored guests, especially if they are customized.


One of the first things that should be done in building this special party is the development of a theme.  By latching onto a theme early in the party-building process, it will become much easier to include the special favors that will brighten the occasion.  With personalized invitations, happy decorations, baptism themed materials and of course the food, there’s a lot to consider as this party is being built.


-  One type of theme that could be considered are angels.  These are ministering beings that provide watchful protection over our loved ones. 

-  Another theme might be Christ with the iconic cross and again the ministering angels that He sends forth to provide watchful care.

-  As the theme starts to develop structure, the consideration of the right location, the invitees, appropriate materials such as wholesale favors which can be a great cost saver and the type of food that will be served, all properly mixed will be a great blessing. 


Just as in traditional birthday parties, it must be remembered that this is a Blessed Day.  This celebrated occasion should mirror that.  Usually themes that are bright and airy resonate with such an occasion.  Besides the personalized invitations, other personalized favors should be developed such as acrylic electronic picture frames.  Designate someone with a good digital camera and a steady hand to take a number of key shots during the baptism or christening.  Following the service, have the same person or another find the most emblematic picture that captures the essence of the service and then transfer the photo to these small digital picture frames that have been personalized to include the name of the one being baptized as well as date and perhaps even the location.  Station them at the tables and with the other scattered ornaments for each of the invitees to the party to enjoy and take home following the party. 


As the party is based around a chosen theme, keep in mind that the room decorations must not be an afterthought.  Some of the most common materials would include garlands and banners that read congratulations.  There are the balloons that have various Scriptures imprinted on them along with the flower arrangements that incorporate the colors that have been pre-selected.  Have some Scriptures handwritten, perhaps in calligraphy form on special paper and rolled up like a scroll with a small ribbon tied around it.  These Scriptures could express blessings for the child, the parents and honored guests.  Then hang some meaningful signage around the room with appropriate Scriptures and other expressions of joy. 

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