Personalized Business Gift Ideas

Sometimes there is doubt as to what or how a business appreciation gift should be given to individuals within the corporate environment. Following acceptable etiquette can guard against any potential inappropriateness. Here are some great tips to make business gift-giving acceptable and effective as possible:

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This tips are a great starter!


Make it personal – Whenever possible, personalize the gift to the one receiving it.  If they like golfing, getting them a set of engraved golf balls or gloves that will go a long way to impress them that you pay attention to small details.  The exceptions are that if it is within the financial constraints of the business enterprise, cash bonuses are usually more appreciated than token gifts.  But if there are too many people to receive gifts than get something small but memorable for each of them.  Just don’t send them cheap promotional junk. That’s about as bad as giving them nothing.


What’s in the budget? – When preparing for holiday gift-giving or other special occasions, it’s always best to work within a budget, lest the gift-giving gets out of hand and causes the CFO to see red.  Focus on distributing small but customizable gifts that convey at least a little of the warmth and regard that is felt toward the employees and clientele.  Service providers such as equipment rental companies, area rug and carpet cleaners, janitorial services, UPS, Federal Express and U.S. Postal workers should be periodically recognized for their professional service.  However, it is best to check in with each company to determine the limits that their employees are allowed to receive in the manner of gifts.


Be religiously cautious – Don’t assume that everyone appreciates the same sentimental or religiously tinted gifts.  Giving a gift that someone else cannot really receive or appreciate totally defeats the purpose of the gift. When purchasing gifts try to stay as religious and gender neutral as possible. Just recognize that different cultures and beliefs have recently emerged across the land.  It just takes a little extra time to make sure that people of all faiths, persuasions and beliefs are truly appreciated without causing offense.


Don’t leave anyone out – Be certain that everyone within a group or class of workers is equally gifted to one extent or another.  No one likes to feel like the redheaded stepchild.  In fact, if possible it might be a good thing to give gifts at a public display of affection such as an awards banquet. Decorating a hotel meeting room or a large employee gathering center and bringing in catered food and entertainment can go a long way to saying how much the employees are thought of. At the correct time in the proceedings, a slide show of accomplishments along with humorous moments in time, can surely describe the society that is the company and help to develop a deeper sense of camaraderie.  Bring various employees and personnel to the forefront to receive various awards and gifts and generally distribute gifts of similar size and scope across the tables where all are enjoying their meals.


Keep it simple – Too often we make the gifts we give a lot more complex than necessary. Remember that the purpose of the gift is not to impress the recipient but to connect with them on a personal level that informs them of their worth to the company.  The value of the gift is not nearly as important as the value of the sentiment.  Give regularly to show appreciation because often enough there is not the finances to pay people what they are truly worth.

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