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Fourth of July Party Favors

Personalized Fourth of July Party Supplies & Favors Wholesale

The Fourth of July is an explosive holidays in every way.  So much food is made that after eating, one feels like exploding. The kids want to be with all their friends so the minivan is full to capacity, if not exploding.  Then, there’s the nighttime fireworks that burst in colors through the night sky.  But if one isn’t careful, the family budget might explode as well under the weight of all this holiday fun. 


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Take a look some great ideas about operating a fun Fourth of July with a small budget:


Plan a neighborhood potluck

If one likes hosting a large group but doesn’t want the huge food and supplies bill that goes along with it, putting together a neighborhood potluck might be just the ticket to having a large party with a lot of food.  Be sure to inform all the neighbors on what to bring.  It would be a shame to bring 200 hot dog buns and 48 hot dogs show up to the party, wouldn’t it?  It’s also possible to host this party inexpensively by purchasing wholesale Fourth of July favors like Koozies, acrylic tumblers for the little ones or Frisbees for some fun before the sun sets. These party favors will accent the party very well and have the ability to send friends home with a gift.


Patriotic color on the cheap

It might seem desirable to run to the clothing or department stores to get clothing that reflects the ole red, white and blue, but before a lot of money is spent there, check out the bedroom closet or even clothes in the attic.  There may be quite an assortment to build a patriotic ensemble.  If not, head to the thrift store and see what might be had there. Then, if all else fails, buy an American flag head scarf and proceed with the day’s fun.


Walk by the fireworks

Well, maybe don’t ignore them all together but go to the big show which are advertised all over the place.  Don’t get tempted to drop a wad of cash and buy a lot of personal fireworks to launch at home.  They may be legal in a lot places but they can also be quite dangerous. 


Get creative with the decorations

There are a lot of great ideas to help build some colorful decorations for this year’s Fourth of July celebration.  These are inexpensive and can generally be made from items you already have at home.  No need to spend a bundle at the party store.  Some of the greatest ideas for do-it-yourself decorations can be found on Pinterest.  Also, there are great decorating projects that can engage the kids and keep them busy while other party plans are carried out. 


Buy now, save later 

If professionally made decorations are still desired, just wait until the current Fourth of July is past and then buy up the deep discounted celebration supplies that stores are trying to unload.  Then pull them out next year and enjoy! You can also opt for personalized Fourth of July gift ideas like our flag shaped stress balls, firework hand fans, and US map shaped keychains.


The best things in life are free 

There are a lot of wonderful things to do on the Fourth of July.  The community calendars are chocked full of parades, live bands and a ton of things for kids of all ages to enjoy.  In order to make sure things are all free, bring a cooler full of beverages and snacks.


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