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Anniversary Favors

Find Custom Gifts for a 10th, 25th, 40th, or 50th Anniversary Party

A wedding anniversary is a special occasion. Of course, there’s the 10th, 25th, 50th milestone and beyond – all of which mark a particular emotional distance traveled with that special someone. The union of two people and the endurance it takes to remain married through the good times and the bad, should be honored and recognized as quite an achievement. With the many opportunities available today, at DiscountMugs you can explore ways to celebrate an anniversary in a way that is entertaining, yet touching.


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Order Anniversary Party Favors Such As Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses & More.


First, this event should be planned out at least a year ahead of time by the appointed organizer of the group to make sure that this occasion will be a glittering success. Gather all photos, film, tape, digital media that has been used to capture the complete life of the couple. Next, organize the material sequentially from the time the couple began their life together all the way to the present. Send the organized material to a professional digitized capturing shop to have all of this put on a digital format that can be edited for time and content by the organizer or group putting this wedding anniversary party together. When the digitized material is received back from the business that specializes in this work, video software can be employed that will arrange the photos and videos with appropriate backgrounds and music. 


Try to keep the whole presentation to under 30 minutes because some of the guests will not be able to stay at the party as long as others.  Also, if possible, try to include pictures and videos that contain images of the guests who are likely to attend the anniversary party.  This will help to keep as many as possible of the attendees interested in the video presentation that will be made at the party. Once the video commemoration project has been completed, make sure to have copies available to hand out to the guests as they leave the party.


As the special date approaches, make sure that an appropriated-sized hall or meeting room can be arranged. This meeting place should be media friendly for sight and sound. Many of today’s banquet halls and most hotels have meeting rooms that have a large video screen and video equipment. For an extra charge, a professional sound man can be employed to operate the equipment.


Depending on the number of years being honored, the type of party favors, gifts and decorative appointments will change to some degree. The younger couples being honored may appreciate a more active environment like a dance floor, while those basking in their golden years might want a space more in line with their age. 


The catered dinner complete with wine and a wet bar will be appreciated by all.  In the center of the meal there should be a toast made by a son, daughter or other family member if possible to honor the blessed couple.  Personalized wine glasses commemorating the occasion may be used as wedding anniversary party favors and shared as party gifts along with special imprinted lighters, pens, keychains, water bottles, and other items that help keep the memory alive. 


As the dessert is being finished, a special presentation honoring this married couple is about to begin. The room lights dim and the intro music is heard being as the commemorative video begins. Then the old familiar images begin moving on the screen. Their life to this point encapsulated in a short presentation that reminds them, their family and friends of the life they have shared together all these years. 


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