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Personalized Prom Favors

Custom Prom Party Favors Printed with School Name, Class Year and Mascot

For some high school students, prom night is one of the most anticipated and important nights of their lives.  It’s advisable for the coordinator of a school prom to obtain a variety of prom favors that will enhance the event and cause it to be remembered by all who attend.  A lot of prom favors can be purchased in bulk. When the prom favors are about to be purchased, it is essential that they match with the theme of the prom.  For instance, if the theme of the prom is an African safari, then things like animals, sand, rivers and clothing suitable for a safari should be the focus. 

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Here are six great prom favor ideas to make prom night a night to truly remember:


Photo Booth

As each of the couples enter the prom night facility, have a photo booth oriented toward the entrance of the building. As the photos are generated in real-time, there should be personalized frames for them to be inserted into.  Since no one wants to be hugging their framed picture through the evening program, another table next to the photo booth should be set up to store their picture with an identifying ticket so when it is time to leave, each prom guest can retrieve their framed photo.


School Loyalty

Show some school pride.  Somehow, a blending of the school colors or its mascot with the theme of the night can be intertwined.  For instance, if its “Outer Space” night, astronauts wearing a tuxedo and prom dress can be incorporated into the prom favors.


Remembering the Event

Putting together a memory booklet is a great way to retain the essence of the night even as it passes.  Take lots of pictures to add to the book later, but these booklets can be signed and remarked upon by students and staff alike and will be genuine keepsakes.


Mints and Candies

Purchasing personalized tins that contain sundry mints and candies to be placed upon the tables where each prom participant sits, is a treasure as well.  The candies may be consumed over the coming days or even on prom night but the ornamental tins can be a keepsake for years to come. 


Video Capture

If it’s in the budget, hire the services of a professional videographer and have pictures and videos of the event recorded.  Have the video edited for time and content and then have appropriate captions added that can even be a little humorous.  Make sure that all DVD’s, thumb drives and video clips posted to school website bear the same thematic items as at the prom itself.


The Typical Keychains

These typical party favors are still a great way to remember prom night even as the participants are driving their new car to college in the Fall.  There are different types of materials and varieties which are available to choose from.


Whatever prom favors are selected, they should match with the theme of the night and should be gender-neutral.  It should also indicate where and when the prom was held. 


Since prom night is regarded as some sort of right-of-passage for the teens, the event should be allowed to develop naturally within age-appropriate boundaries and in all good taste.  Prom favors are a way for the event to live for a long time after the last scrap of paper is picked up by the cleanup crew.  These favors become a living legacy to a great night out.

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