Custom Retirement Party Favors Ideas

Custom Retirement Party Favors Ideas for Teachers, Military & More Online

Life has a way of sneaking up on us and before too long we’re facing the retirement years.  If a co-worker, friend or family member retires, it’s important to make sure that this life event is marked by remembrances and good times with family and friends. Since the days of retiring with the venerable gold watch are practically non-existent, retirement parties are even more important to embrace for the sake of the retiree.

When it comes to the use of party favors as part of the retirement event, the selections are endless.  However, it would be good to have a picture of what the event will look like. Does the retiree like to golf? Travel to state parts or pursue international excursions around the world?  Would they like to be honored with a beach-themed party? Sports? Hiking? Knowing this information before a party is planned is crucial to having such an event remembered for many years to come. This party can always be enhanced by a theme, a genre, a hobby, etc. that is of great importance to the retiree.  Here are some ideas for a basic yet nice retirement party to honor them by:



What’s the retiree’s favorite color(s)?  The napkins, plates, streamers, signs, etc., should feature that color throughout the party.


Setting the stage

Using the same color schemes, sprinkle the tables with light touches of confetti. Put place settings for food and party favors that speak something of the life being honored at this event.  If the individual being congratulated loves classic movies, golfing, ocean cruises, cooking or any other type of fun hobby or preoccupation, focus on these things because the event will properly communicate both love and appreciation from those wishing the retiree well.


Party favors

They may seem incidental, but party favors set a jubilant to the occasion.  Offering something of remembrance to the attendees of this happy event sets a tone of love and connection toward the retiree as well.  There are so many party favor gifts to consider for the joyous gathering.  Gifts such as:


Imprinted pens and mugs



Mini flashlights


Thematic occasion

Of course, with just a little extra foresight and thought, stepping up the “game” for the party wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the imagination or the budget.  For example, a beach theme complete with grains of sand spread on the tables, umbrellas and beach balls scattered around begin to set a fun theme for both guest and retirement honoree.  Pump in some Hawaiian music (or hire a local DJ, band or musician to play beach type songs all through the time of the party) and watch this event become a very relaxed and informal occasion.  Of course, if this could be poolside with a Tiki wet bar and so much the better.  If properly utilized, the theme will actually produce the desired effect by imagining all the typical items associated with such themes.  Let the imagination run wild and the party will be a smashing hit.  Just think of what could happen with a Star Wars theme!


Toast and gifts

Purchase single-occasion glasses for toasting the honored guest.  Have them embossed with the name of the event, the date and a graphic which should reflect the theme of the party, if there is one.  These toast glasses can be one of the parting gifts that all attendees of the event will take home and cherish. 

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