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Personalized Sports Gifts

Personalized Sports Gifts for Fans, Team Members & Coaches Online

Ladies often have a hard time getting their man’s attention when it’s time for the game. Sometimes they want a romantic evening just for the two of them but then he bursts inside the door all excited that he has tickets for the big game, and he has come home just to shower before he picks up his buddies and heads for the stadium. Other times these ladies want to watch an anticipated “chick flick” but he grabs the remote to check the scores on ESPN. Then there’s fantasy football season.  Let’s not talk about that!


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Face it, he’ll knock over mountains to get you the birthday gift that you desire, but when it’s time to purchase a gift for him, he won’t say anything else but “Whatever.”  But there’s an opportunity to get him something he will really like and he’s been telegraphing it through his obsession with sports.  Throw him a party and then focus on the following three great ideas for personalized sports gifts:



It may not seem likely, but most guys want to spend time with their two great loves, their girl and their team.  If women get their guy anything for his birthday or any other special occasion, it should include tickets for two to a game.  By purchasing custom sports gifts for the occasion such as engraved steins or mugs along with his favorite adult beverage, the two tickets can be slipped into the two vessels as a total surprise.  Often, many women are fearful about getting this all wrong because they are concerned that they won’t get the right seats or get tickets to the right game.  What women need to know is that most guys don’t care if the game is against the Cleveland Browns or even if the seats aren’t right behind home plate at a Seattle Mariners game. Most men will be ecstatic to have their sweetie by their side at any sporting event.


Team Clothing

Many women are stuck when buying their man a gift and then rely old habits by purchasing an article of clothing for him.  Let’s be clear.  His mother has been buying him things like t-shirts and underwear since the day he was born and no guy wants to date their mother.  If she feels compelled to get him a team t-shirt anyway, be very sure that it is known what he does or doesn’t have in his closet, dresser drawers or even his hamper (maybe the search should start there first!).  Then make sure that his favorite players are clearly identified.  Don’t just select anyone from the team roster! She could even get a little creative and design unique t-shirts for him and his buddies in time for game night!


Rounding Out the Gift

Getting him two tickets to a sporting event might not seem like enough to do for his special day.  There’s many ways to add some sparkle and glitter to this moment.  First, through a little online shopping you can get some wholesale sports gifts – get custom sports gifts you can have personalized with his favorite team.  Before or after the game, take him to his favorite restaurant. Make sure the staff sings “Happy Birthday” to him and then spring on him these extra bonus gifts.  Now when he goes back to work the next day, he’ll tell his friends and co-workers what his girl did for him by taking him to the game and a fancy restaurant. They will shake their heads in disbelief because their girlfriend or spouse “would never do anything like that” for them.  Guys are generally less wrapped up in material things. They just want to spend time with their team and their girl.

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