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Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts & Decorations

Custom Printed Thanksgiving Gifts & Decorations Ideas Wholesale

Celebrating Thanksgiving is one of the warmest and family-knit customs observed in America. Many can hardly wait to enter Grandma’s or Mom’s kitchen filled with the scents of spices, apple and pumpkin pies. Plus who can forget the nicely arranged decorations around the table and the take home gifts! As the family begins to gather the night before and during the daytime, this would be an excellent time to play some games by the fireplace, or go outside and enjoy the fall weather.


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It’s the perfect time to spend with your loved ones - look at some of these gems:


Feather Toss

Yes, feathers are so light that they cannot be tossed easily.  Get some long screws or other small pieces of metal and attach them to the quill of the feather.  Next, arrange several baskets in strategic positions and label them with various values.  Kids and adults toss the feathers from a specific line at a designated distance. Winners of various games can win party favors or be awarded extra pie. 


Hide the Turkey

Find a nice plastic turkey or one made of some fabric and find some cool places to hide the turkey around the house.  This keeps the kids busy and the adults have an opportunity to enjoy warm beverages while watching a movie.  As more kids and adults arrive for the holiday merry-making, they can be folded into the activities currently in motion.


Pumpkin Bowl

Obtain identically sized bottles and fill each one with different items from candy to notes that say “Better Luck Next Time!” Next go outside and place them in a straight line about two to three feet apart.  Bring some small fairly round pumpkins without stems and place in a box about thirty feet from the line of bottles.  Give each person two rolls of the pumpkins and then as bottles remain standing they can go the back of the line with more opportunities to win.  To make the game even more interesting put $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills in with the candy and perhaps personalized other gift ideas that align with the Thanksgiving season.


Turkey Day Trivia

If the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor game, try a nice game of Turkey Day Trivia.  Arrange the family as couples, teams or individuals.  Pass out paper, pens or pencils to the group (these can be personalized with your family name, too).  Set some ground rules that will make the game even more fun to play such as those with points below a certain amount will help to wash the Thanksgiving Day dinner dishes.  The one with the most points will be able to get the choicest piece of any entrée, side dish or dessert before anyone else.  Everyone one else will receive special personalized Thanksgiving Day gift ideas.


Memory Lane

Most people, especially in large multigenerational families that can still gather for the holidays, have a lot of photo albums.  Everything is digital today so this will be a very interesting game to play for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Pull down a nearly identical stack of albums for each child.  Give each child a pad of Post-It-Notes and a pen or pencil.  Set a time limit for this game such as one hour or two.  Tell each child to only write on the pad of Post-It-Notes only for each picture they are looking at.  Then have them begin turning the pages of the photo album and place one of those sticky notes on each photo with their thoughts as to who is in the picture.


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