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Personalized Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas

Find Inexpensive, Fun & Naughty Bachelor and Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Oh my! The bachelor/bachelorette party.  It can be terrifying and exciting all at the same time.  Everyone wants their party to stand out and be memorable but if it is not produced correctly, the event could alter relationships in unintended ways. A memory that will last forever, this is a night when you get to have fun, but of course, it has got to be safe as well.


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Here are five great ideas for a fun and safe bachelor or bachelorette party:


Rent a beach house. 

Imagine waking up in a cabin or a house with a view of the lake or the ocean (this could also be cool for mountain views as well).  Getting the crew together to pay a slice of the rental cost could actually be cheaper than renting a hotel with a meeting room.  Bring the drinks and swim suits.  Food could be brought in as well or have it delivered and catered.  Set aside a room in the house for a party that is complete with food, tunes and suds.  Purchase party favors that have the name of the event imprinted on them for keepsakes after the party is over. 


Game on! 

What a treat it would be for the guys (or gals) to be grouped together with some great seats among thousands of other screaming fans at a football or baseball game! Imagine expensive beer, dogs and brats. The best man for the wedding could arrange for party favors like backpacks filled with water and whatever the stadium allows for food, sunscreen, binoculars and team caps.  The event could be rounded off with t-shirts commemorating the party which could conclude at a hotel or one of the groomsmen’s homes.


Glitz and glamour.  

Sometimes a person just wants to let loose and party hard in a very entertaining environment.  Going to Vegas, Atlantic City or any other local casino can be a lot of fun.  Just make sure that everything is budgeted tightly ahead of time and that the cute and lovely servers don’t ply too many drinks on the party group to loosen wallets even further.  But it’s great fun to stare down a dealer and see if the hand he’s holding can be beaten.  Spend a little time with the one arm bandits and see how loose those slot machines really are.  Grab a limo ride from the casino to a fancy restaurant that has a special room reserved for the group complete with privacy and lots of party favors.


Hi-tech fun! 

If the group loves video gaming, reserving an entire game lounge for an evening can be a lot of fun.  It typically costs a lot less than many other bachelor party events if funding such a party is an issue.  Pizza and drinks can be brought in for all the gamers attending and party favors can be spread around as a remembrance of the good time had by all.  Cleanup can be built into the cost of the lounge.  This gives the groom and his men more time to get to the main event when they should be there.


Ski lodge action. 

Even if all in the party aren’t real skiers, just trying to ski can be a lot of fun.  After tackling the bunny slope or “Dead Man’s Bluff,” slipping into a relaxing hot tub can feel rather extraordinary.  Follow all of that action with a special meal at the lodge restaurant. Complete with special toast glasses and other sundry party favors to mark the occasion. The groom and all of his men (or bride and all of her women) will never forget this special time together.

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