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Personalized Engagement Party Favors

Typically a Northeast custom, especially in New York, conducting an engagement party is fast developing resonance in the South and other parts of the country. Although the engagement party is not an affair that should eclipse the style and depth of the wedding party, this party should have a singular glow that sets the stage for the wedding to come.   

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Bringing family and friends together to share in the launch of the wedding plans is a gracious and special occasion to move forward toward the nuptials.  This party should be somewhat formal like a fancy Thanksgiving dinner but without the inexhaustible variety of foods.  The happy occasion is often conducted at the couples’ home or the home of a close family member or friend. Before honored guests depart, it's a good custom to send them away with party favors that are personalized and printed with a unique design to commemorate the event. At Discount Mugs, we offer these gifts at great savings through wholesale pricing.

Consider hosting a thematic engagement party such as a wine tasting event, an open-air rooftop extravaganza or a candied treats and champagne affair.  Get creative and come up with your own theme such as Hawaiian luaus, Victorian era costume party or perhaps  a Pirates of the Caribbean adventure!  But let’s examine the first three themes mentioned above just to get those creative juices flowing. 


Wine Tasting Event

- Ask each of the honored guests to bring their favorite wine to the party and before each one leaves for home swap the various wines so that each participant goes home with a different bottle than the one they brought.

- Make sure that there are plenty of wine glasses available so that each guest may sample the various vinos.  Our selection of engraved and custom printed wine glasses is hard to beat.

- Break out the fine linen on the dining room table and put out a great spread of specialty snacks complete with various cheeses and breads.  You might add on an olive bar with grapes on the side.

- If you don’t want to go through the trouble of assembling such an event, make reservations to use the back room of a wine shop and host the event there instead.


Open-Air Rooftop Extravaganza

- If there are great views that can be seen from various restaurant rooftops and the season is weather-friendly, consider hosting the engagement party at a rooftop establishment that would bask in the setting sun and glow in the ensuing darkness.

- Keep the event casual with tables, chairs and ottomans that lend themselves to friendly conversation and expressions of warm hugs and gentle touches.

- Assign a waiter to bring out each guests favorite adult beverage along with tasty hors d’oeuvres.


Candied Treats and Champagne Party

- How cool would it be to blend champagne with various sweet treats?  A chocolate chip cookie bar, an ice cream bar and a chocolate fondue station?  What about a pie tasting event that is combined with a favorite champagne?  The combinations are endless.

- Whatever is done should be fun and memorable. At Discount Mugs we want to help your party sparkle. Explore the possibilities with these plastic or glass champagne glasses.


During the festivities, spend a few moments sharing ideas with friends and family about the buildup toward that great day when two hearts are joined in matrimony.  Before the guests go home, don’t forget the parting gifts.  Let the honored folks know that their presence is appreciated by sending them away with a special memento from us.

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