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Personalized New Year’s Party Favors & Decorations

Wholesale New Year’s Decorations & Favors for an Outstanding Party

First, it is important to figure out how big this party will be. Consult the family or office budget. It will usually be a fair estimate of what can and cannot be done. Regardless of party size, put a list together of those who will make the party a success. You know who they are – they’re the ones who always make an entrance, and are sure to dance the whole night through. Once the list is complete, make or obtain specialized invitation cards.  The classic blue or grey with sprinkled glitter will surely get the invitees attention.  Make sure to include an RSVP card and envelope as well email address and phone number to text confirmation.

Now, let’s look at 2 outstanding theme parties to have a safe and exciting New Year’s Eve party:


A Times Square Bash

There is nothing more exciting than bringing in the New Year with friends than in Time’s Square.  If it’s not possible to be there in person, it is possible to bring in some of that Times Square to the party. Here’s how to do it:


- Go on Google and look for New York City skylines in the night.  Head to a print store that can print large wall pictures.  Make sure that the pixels in that picture are very dense.  Go denser than 768 X 1028.  Then frame those pictures so they can stand upright and use them as a backdrop for the dinner tables.

- It’s OK to drop this ball.  Go to a discount store and get inexpensive mirror balls to be spread around the table place settings.  Get a real child’s ball and wrap it in aluminum foil with a string attached to it for dropping the ball at midnight.

- Confetti everywhere.  Surprise the guests with buckets of confetti on them when the clock strikes midnight.  Yes, it’s going to be messy when it’s time to clean up but it’s going to be so worth it.

·There are so many personalized New Year gift ideas out there to send home with the guests.  Typically, items such as mugs, caps, wall adornments, pens, etc., are the items of choice, but don’t’ forget to check out our other ideas before you leave!


Rock Around the Clock Tonight

This is the only holiday where time really does matter.  Striking the clock at 10 PM because someone is tired just won’t cut it.  The clock itself can be an inspiration for an all-clock theme night.  Look at these ideas for an innovative New Year’s Eve bash:


- Martha Stewart came up with a novel idea known as the New Year’s Clock Cupcakes.  Essentially, 12 cupcakes are made and using a fine frosting tip, the numbers 1 through are stenciled on them and then they are arranged on plate in clock formation.  A set of clock hands are made out of paper or cardboard and they are constantly moved toward midnight all night long. 

- Go to the a Salvation Army, Goodwill and other thrift stores and get as many clocks as you can.  Next, assemble them all around the home and concentrate even more of them in the party room.  Make sure they are all accurate with the time and when midnight strikes a lot of clock will be making a lot of noise.  Then send the guests away with the clock of their choice.  Of course, don’t forget the party favors to make the occasion as festive as possible. 

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