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Personalized Sweet Sixteen & Quinceañera Party Favors

Custom Sweet Sixteen & Quinceañera Party Favors at Wholesale Prices

The movies have been seen where the 16th birthday for that special young lady touches a heartstring in nearly all of us.  If an elaborate celebration is desired, consider the following six ideas to make this a birthday to remember!


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Here's to a great start!


The party of the year

Make sure that the parents are on board with a party of such a scale. Once approved, the word needs to be spread throughout the school and community that a large and classic sweet 16 celebration will be forthcoming.  Get RSVP’s to this birthday extravaganza so that you don’t end up with food and party supplies for 50 people and only 5 guests show arrive.


If partying with a large group isn’t desired, consider a nice weekend away from it all

Keep the number of people of people small to a group that consists of family and/or just a few friends.  Consider a cabin in the woods, mountains or the beach.  Keep in mind that the parents will most likely be funding this celebration, so working within the confines of their budget must always be kept in mind.  A comfortable spot to make some warm memories is usually the best go to spot. 


Paint the town red

An extended weekend may not work out from a budget or logistics perspective.  With permission from the parents and with certain safety parameters established, it would be cool to have a long evening that includes dinner at a real nice restaurant, shopping at favorite stores with a loaded prepaid debit card and finishing with a late night movie at the theater or at home with the large screen and surround sound.  Take a few friends along to share the experience and take lots of pictures and videos for Facebook, Twitter and perhaps YouTube.  Bring some personalized party favors to the dinner to share as keepsakes for the accompanying friends.  These personalized favors are easily sourced as wholesale favors online so that the party budget can afford them.


Keep it simple with a sleepover

Sometimes the stress of planning an extravagant night out can be countered with a safe a fun night at home.  Gather the closest friends.  Order a lot of pizza and breadsticks.  Get the sleeping bags out and lay them all over the den floor where some chick flicks can be enjoyed.  Take appropriate pictures that can be printed later and inserted in customized acrylic frames so that the girlfriends all have a special remembrance of the happy occasion.


Let the music play

If the birthday girl is a great music enthusiast, scour the typical musical venue sites nearest home to see if any bands, groups or soloists are in town.  If any of the favorite ones happen to be there on the sweet 16 birthday event, it could be an omen that the birthday celebration should be a musical one.  A nice dinner in advance of the concert with the closest friends could be enjoyed.  Don’t forget to share some personalized favors at the dinner with these friends to show appreciation for their accompaniment. 


Did someone say, “Roadtrip?”

This type of celebration will require extensive funding and planning and of course a birthday that occurs in generally fair weather.  Map out the destination of the sites that are desired to be visited and make a ton of memories that can be shared in real time as the traveling occurs via social media.  Have a simple party to kick off the venture with the girlfriends and give each of them a personalized favor to commemorate the event.

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