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Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Custom Printed Father's Day Gift Ideas at Wholesale Prices

Letís face it, Fatherís Day can be harder to plan for Dad than Motherís Day is for Mom.† She loves flowers, chocolates, bows, ribbons, custom cards, basically anything pretty.† Dads are often hard to read because they tend to show less emotion or drop fewer hints about the things that they like.†Forget the typical tie and off the rack Fatherís Day card.† Invest a little energy and give the patriarch in the family his due.†

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Keeping the following things in mind,†can make him†a little bit easier to understand:

- Dads like simple things and tend to avoid the complicated.

- Dad's like peace over justice.† So, if thereís a dispute with a sibling, bury the hatchet for at least his special day.

- Dads like to feel in charge, even when theyíre not.

- Dads like to complete at least one thing during the course of the day.

Arrange a day filled with fun and memories to post on†social media†and on that digital photo frame in the living room.†

The Morning

Drop him dead in his tracks as he enters the kitchen and sees his favorite breakfast on display.† Seat the man of the house in his familiar chair with a nice Fatherís Day card and some pre-planned and personalized gifts like custom ceramic mugs, or water bottles.† Let the aroma of the meal fill his nostrils and cause him to smile.

Inside the card, place tickets enough for everyone present to attend the afternoon baseball game complete with a stadium cash card for food and souvenirs.† Enjoy the breakfast and share those warm memories of growing up together.† Ask him for some help with some small project before everyone heads out for the next phase of ďFatherís Day Surprise.Ē†

The Lunch

Among the many types of Fatherís Day gift ideas, purchase some memorabilia to celebrate the occasion of the day.† Maybe itís a small plaque showing affection or a really cool travel coffee mug.† These items can all be purchased at wholesale prices and you can get enough for the other patriarchs of the house.

Before taking Dad to the game, drop by a local park along the way.† Find a shady spot if possible to enjoy†June's early summer sun and its warm breezes.† Take a walk along some nice trail and converse with Dad as with a friend.† Maybe he is or he isnít.† Either way, just respect him for who he is.†

As the walk ends and everyone nears the car, pull out a picnic basket with his favorite simple foods.† Nothing heavy here.† After all, heís heading to the game with the family and there is nothing like wolfing down a $7 hot dog and an $8 beer or soft drink at the ballpark.† As you eat a few snacks in the park, present him with his personalized Fatherís Day gift.† Whether it was purchased wholesale or retail doesnít matter.† What matters is that itís apparent that his family put some effort in honoring him this year.

The Afternoon Game

Yes, the lines can be long for parking and getting screened at the entry gates to the stadium.† But the smells of food and snacks, wafting in the air,†along with the announcer on the speakers telling the crowds what theyíre in for that day, will make those lines seem more manageable.† Of all the Fatherís Day gift ideas, this one will shape up to be the most memorable.

After the seventh-inning stretch and the game is over and regardless of who won, the day will be one etched in the minds and hearts of all who were involved.†

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