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Personalized Military Gifts

Shop Custom Printed Gifts for The Military at Wholesale Prices

Here’s your chance to support the citizens who loyally serve our country. Shake up your current promotional merchandise with personalized military gifts, crafted for durability and long lasting memories. Camouflage prints are still incredibly popular among youth and adults alike, and we offer fun accessories both age groups can appreciate. Whether you’re trying to raise money for your favorite veteran organization or supporting someone you know who serves, we make it easy to find a promotional item that fits your specific needs. Our customized messaging options allow you to make your text meaningful, too, with different colors and fonts to choose from. Showing support for our troops with personalized military gifts could bring your business more fans, too!

Here are four ways to honor our military:


Fundraising for the Veteran

You can raise money for your favorite veteran individual or organization, right from your very own store! Restaurants and coffee shops with loyal fans, take advance of our beverage accessories that come in a camouflage print. From can coolers to mugs, you can show support for our military with customized messaging on the front, too. To help your favorite veteran or veteran organization, donate some of the proceeds of your military promotional merchandise. Fans of your business will not only be supporting you, but also our faithful soldiers. Our personalized military gifts are always affordable with free shipping options available.


Welcome Home Patriots

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a huge group of people anticipating your long-waited arrival. If you’re welcoming home a special soldier, throw them an outstanding welcome home party with the most thoughtful favors. We have camouflage themed accessories that your guests can take home, so turn to items like customized can coolers to serve with your drinks. Create a message that focuses on the guest of honor, such as “Welcome home Dan!”  An alternative way to welcome home your soldier is to order a set of t-shirts, printed with a personalized, supportive message on the front. Distribute them to everyone at your party (and request that they put them on!) and surprise your guest of honor with this special personalized military gift!


Honor the Fallen

We honor those who died in the military by remembering them on Memorial Day. Take a step further this year by hosting a Memorial Day gathering at your home or favorite venue, complete with personalized military gift favors! You can mix it up by offering items for sale, and items they can take home as souvenirs. Send your guests home wearing camouflage bags, they’re fun to stuff with American flags, candy, whistles and sunglasses! The proceeds from all souvenir purchases could go to your favorite military fundraiser or organization. There are so many amazing charities you can get involved with and they’re easy to find on the internet if you need a place to start.


Celebrate Our Freedom

The fourth of July is your chance to show off your American pride with personalized military gifts that your guests can enjoy while they party. If you’re watching the fireworks, pack a set of gift bags of your choice with customized water bottles, flashlights, keychains and hats! There’s no competition when it comes to party favors like accessories you can use immediately,

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