Church Event Gift Ideas: Best Custom Giveaways for Celebrations

Put simply, the congregation is the foundation of a church. Building meaningful relationships and a strong church community takes patience and dedication. One way to demonstrate appreciation to your congregation is by giving gifts for community events and celebrations.


Most people do not attend religious ceremonies with the expectation of gifts, so providing a church-related favor can be a powerful way to foster appreciation and excitement in the community. Event favors can also help spread messages of faith beyond the church when people use their gifts in their everyday lives.


No matter what your budget is, there are many different gifts you can give at church events. Below are some of the best custom giveaways for celebrations in your church community. You can adapt these ideas to fit your specific needs and create perfect event favors.

Tote Bags


If you want to spread your message, tote bags are a great way to do it. The functional versatility of these gifts ensures that when people leave church, they can reliably use these bags anywhere they need to go while expressing their faith. Your congregation can take tote bags to the grocery store, beach, library, and several other high-traffic locations.


Tote bags are also good for different budgets. From plastic to canvas materials, you can find a type that fits your needs. Once you pick the right type of tote, you can add a church logo, address, etc. to the outside. Churchgoers will appreciate having a new bag that they cart around town.


Pens and Pencils


Handing out pens and pencils at your church event is a practical and budget-friendly way to show appreciation. Things that you can put on the writing utensils include:


- Bible verses

- Church name and address

- Event name

- Quotes from scripture


Aside from handing them out at church events, you can also place pens and pencils in the pews alongside bibles and writing pads. The congregation can use them during the church service to jot down personal notes.




Custom notepads make for a good gift because most people do not buy them on a regular basis. This makes them unique, practical, and something that will be used frequently. Just like pens and pencils, they make the perfect addition to the seats at your church.




Many people enjoy receiving mugs from the different experiences in their lives. They serve as good travel souvenirs and interesting collectibles that people can use at home, making personalized mugs an excellent consideration for your church event to commemorate the occasion.


Maybe you are hosting a workshop or Bible study group. Give a mug to each person who finishes the series. This is a congratulatory gift that serves as a constant reminder of the lessons that were learned.


Water Bottles


If you host an outdoor church event, you may consider giving out water bottles. There are several types of plastic you can choose for your water bottles, making them flexible for different budgets. Metal water bottles are available as a premium option with greater durability than many other options.


Holiday Decorations


When you have holiday celebrations, you can give out church-themed gifts for a festive touch. During the Christmas season, consider tree ornaments with the church logo on them. You can even hand these out each year, giving people in the congregation a chance to collect ornaments from each season.


Another Christmas event gift idea would be candles, which are popular in the colder months. These are relatively simple to customize—all you have to do is design the jar style and label, and you can have a label printed or engrave the candle holder itself. For Easter holidays, you might consider festive t-shirts to celebrate the warmer weather.


Bibles and Bookmarks


Nothing says ‘welcome to our church community’ like a personal Bible. You can give Bibles for many different events and occasions, including:


- Baptisms

- First Communions

- New members

- Confirmation


To go with a Bible, you can also provide custom printed bookmarks. You can put a favorite scripture verse, or message from the church leader on them.


Calendars and Magnets


At the start of a new year, provide calendars to the congregation. They are an easy way to foster a sense of community for multiple reasons:


1. You can put important church events on the various pages

2. They are a great way to advertise local businesses that support the church.

3. Calendars give you the opportunity to choose important Bible verses for people to consider.


Along with calendars, magnets are another gift option. These are small and relatively inexpensive, but they usually go on the fridge where people can see them every day. Small reminders like this can have a big long-term impact by making someone feel connected to the church community, mission, and values. They also pair well with calendars when holding them up and marking down important dates.


Gift Bags


At your next church event, you can hand out custom gift bags with goodies and treats. This can help you grow the younger population, as parents are more likely to join a church with good programs for children. Consider purchasing branded plastic or paper bags in bulk and using them on multiple occasions.


Here are some things that you can include in the goodie bags:


- Candy

- Pens and pencils

- Whistles

- Keychains

- Chips

- Chapstick


Get creative with this gift—you can give to either kids or adults as a sign of appreciation. When nothing else makes sense, this is the way to go. Gift bags are easy to put together and can be less expensive than other types of gifts.


What to Convey


No matter what type of church event gift you choose, consider what you want it to say. Some gifts are purely for enjoyment and require less effort overall. If you want to give a memento for a church event, use it to summarize the event’s intentions and/or takeaways.


Using favorite verses among the congregation is a great way to make a truly lasting impact beyond the celebration or event itself. Consider this: how can your gifts make people feel more invested in the church community? With the right design, you can use small event favors to grow your church and expand its mission in the world.

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