Custom Drinkware Buying Guide

Complete Guide to Buying Drinkware

Choosing the right custom drinkware for your business can be a difficult process. Promotional drinkware comes in countless of styles, shapes, and sizes for a wide range of intended uses. Drinkware is one of the most well-liked categories of promotional products because of how useful they are and how easy it is to incorporate them into your daily routine. As with any promotional product, keeping your target audience and intended use of the product in mind will help you through the decision-making process. We've put this guide together to help you match your needs with the right drinkware product for your brand.

Types of Drinkware

Custom drinkware effectively communicates your company name and logo to your audience during any occasion, whether for birthday parties, holidays, trade show events, or as promotional giveaways. High-quality drinkware will impress your target audience however, you don't need to spend a fortune to generate a lasting positive impression of your brand. The first step is to establish your budget. One thing to keep in mind when figuring out your budget is the cost of shipping. Heavier items like ceramic mugs and travel mugs are going to cost more to ship than lightweight items like koozies. Once you have you're budget and quantity amount set, you can dive into choosing a category of drinkware.

Ceramic Mugs

In case you hadn’t noticed, custom coffee mugs are very much our specialty. Custom coffee mugs are one of the most popular promotional products partly since 64% of adults drink coffee every day in the United States. We offer both small and large ceramic mugs and a variety of customization options to help audiences understand your brand’s message. Not only are promotional coffee mugs highly effective advertising tools, but they're also durable, low cost, cross-demographic, and make a notable impression on consumers. Check out our blog post for more on custom ceramic mugs!

Highly durable

At DiscountMugs we only use the highest quality materials. That is, our custom coffee mugs are suitable for consistent or daily use. We understand you'll want to make as many impressions as possible, which is why we use non-metallic clay materials hardened by heat. This means your personalized ceramic mugs can be washed in a commercial kitchen and used frequently throughout the day. They won’t fade or look washed-out, plus some styles are even resistant to chips and cracks.

Durability, however, is only part of the equation. You also want your wholesale coffee mugs to look stylish and stand out from the others on the drying rack, right? Luckily, ceramic is attractive enough to make your custom mugs look classy, decorative, or professional – whatever your brand needs are.

Our custom coffee mugs also come in a variety of shapes and styles. Take a look at our most popular coffee mug styles:


Traditional C-Handle Coffee Mugs

Classic c-handle mugs present a more traditional look and a wide selection of colors.


                                                                               Traditional Coffee Mugs           two tone traditional coffee mugs


Campfire Coffee Mugs

Camper mugs are wider and include a speckled finish. They have a lower price point and are available in ceramic and stainless steel.


                                                                              campfire mugs        ceramic campfire mugs


Photo Coffee Mugs

Photo mugs offer a different personalized take on the traditional c-handle mugs. They are great thoughtful gifts for holidays and house-warmings or business use as giveaways for employees.

                                                                            photo mugs        magic photo mugs
Travel Mugs & Tumblers

Travel coffee mugs have soared in popularity for several reasons. Not only are they recyclable and far more environmentally friendly than their disposable counterparts, but they can even save you money on your morning latte. Coffee shops all over the world from Costa to Starbucks are offering discounts to customers who bring their cups, with governments cracking down on single-use plastics.

Travel Mugs vs Tumblers

Travel mugs and tumblers are two similar drinkware items that most confuse with each other. Both are often insulated and are available in a variety of different materials. The major difference that sets these two apart, however, are the handles! Travel mugs, similar to ceramic coffee mugs, have handles while tumblers do not. Also, many tumbler styles include a straw and lid, while travel mugs usually only have a lid.

                                                                 tumbler   travel mugs

Why choose personalized travel mugs?

Due to this environmental movement, reusable coffee mugs and tumblers have become incredibly trendy. This is great news for businesses that want to increase their brand exposure and recognition, as travel mugs present the perfect promotional opportunity. Not only do we offer a diverse range of travel mugs, from clear tumblers with straws to vacuum-insulated water bottles, but we also make it easy to personalize your items.


Water Bottles

Custom water bottles help people everywhere stay hydrated; however, they allow businesses to showcase their products and services to otherwise unreachable audiences. Available in all shapes and sizes, our selection of custom water bottles holds just the perfect item for your promotional approach.

What is the best material for water bottles?

Plastic Water Bottles


Pros: The affordable option, personalized plastic water bottles are long-lasting and reusable. We carry squeezable styles that are easy to use for on-the-go activities.
Cons: Not safe for hot liquids
Best Use: High activity events - running, cycling or sports events

                                                                                              plastic water bottles

Aluminum Water Bottles

Pros: Lightweight, resistant to corrosion and keeps your drink cooler longer
Cons: Can be more prone to dents if it falls
Best Use: Traveling, Camping, or outdoor activities

                                                                                            aluminum water bottle

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Pros: Sleek and professional, stainless steel water bottles are easy to clean, extremely durable, and keep your drinks cooler longer
Cons: Heavier than aluminum water bottles
Best Use: Traveling, Camping, or outdoor activities

                                                                                              stainless steel water bottles

Glass Water Bottles

Pros: Stylish and hygienic, custom glass water bottles offer a chic and sophisticated look that will stand out in professional settings. Can hold hot/cold liquids
Cons: Breakable, pricier option, and heavier than the other materials
Best Use: Less high-activity events and good for the office

                                                                                              glass water bottles

Plastic Cups

Plastic cups are a favorite at parties, reunions, and all kinds of gathering events, but how much more of an impact could they make if you personalized them with a logo or custom design? Whether you’re planning a corporate function or a private party, success is in the details. Therefore, branding or personalizing your party cups will help you make a lasting impression.

Browse our vast selection of colors and styles to ensure your custom plastic cups stand out. Whatever the occasion, we can help you make it memorable. Shop by budget or style preference – you can count on us to meet your personalized plastic cups needs.  

Huge range of styles

No two events are the same, and we have a catalog of cup styles you can choose from. Whether you’re looking for clear cups or plastic cups with lids and straws, you’ll find we offer various sizes, shapes, and lid types to match you with your perfect cup. Here are some of the plastic cup styles we offer:

Translucent plastic stadium cups

Plastic cups with lids

Plastic Beer steins with handles

Party cup shot glasses

Frosted party cups

Styrofoam cups


There isn't anything worse than a warm drink unless they're supposed to be served that way, and the easiest way to keep beer or soda chilled is to submerge them in ice throughout the event. This is where our custom can coolers come in - not only will our wholesale koozies help keep your cans and bottles chilled on a hot day, they can also help keep hands dry and warm. Trust us, your guests will appreciate the gesture.

Our custom koozies also fit a range of different drink sizes. They will fit most 12 oz. cans, but can also be used to chill 16 oz. beer cans, 12 oz. long-neck beer bottles, and disposable water bottles. Browse our shaped koozies – our beer koozies include beer bottle designs with zipper closure that will impress your guests.

Neoprene vs Foam vs Stainless Steel Can Coolers

Most people will instinctively correlate inexpensive with low quality, but when it comes to our personalized koozies, that’s certainly not the case. Here are a few facts to keep in mind about our cheap koozies:

All materials used in the production of our custom koozies are long-lasting and resistant to heavy use.

- Some styles are made using the best quality neoprene (which you might be surprised to learn is the same material used to make wetsuits!). Not only is the material durable, but it also weightless and stretchable. It may fall on the pricier side compared to foam koozies.

Foam insulated styles are made using premium polyurethane, which is not only affordable but also characterized by its lightweight and foldable nature. It is also usually thicker than neoprene but can be more prone to tear and isn’t as stretchable.

- Our custom stainless steel koozies do, on the other hand, hold more elegance and sophistication your audience will appreciate while keeping your drink cooler for longer. It may fall on the pricier side compared to foam and neoprene.


                                           neoprene koozie        foam koozie      stainless steel koozie

Drinkware Uses

Everyone has a favorite beverage to get them moving in the morning, whether it’s an ice-cold smoothie or a frothy cappuccino. Whether your personalized drinkware is intended as a gift or a smart branding opportunity, there are numerous ways you can use them.

Personal use

Looking for custom drinkware for a birthday party or family gathering? Invest in one of our personalized plastic cups or tumblers and everyone can enjoy their drink in style. You can even personalize it with their names on it! Custom drinkware is also the perfect gift when you're unsure of what to get for someone.

Business use

Most offices would cease to run without coffee, so why not see this as a branding opportunity? If each of your employees commutes with a travel mug or coffee cup that displays your logo, they are attracting new clients and customers before they’ve even arrived at work.

Whether your employees work at desks or are constantly on the move, we have many different beverage holders to choose from, including:

Double-wall plastic tumblers: Durable, recyclable, and perfect for hot drinks. Features include colorful rubber grips and sip-top and screw top access.

Stainless steel bistro mugs: Just like a standard mug but with thermal insulation and an easy grab handle. Perfect for desk workers who want to keep their drinks hot or easily pick them up and carry them on the go.

Stainless steel stemless wine glasses: Vacuum insulated wine glasses that will make your restaurant or bar look super trendy. These tumblers will keep wine cold for approximately 12 hours, and they can be used for hot drinks, too.

Branded merchandise around the office is a great way to boost morale and help everybody feel part of the team. Choose from stainless steel bistro mugs with lids, slim color top travel mugs, plastic tumblers or trendy water bottles, and get ready to make an impression on the people who matter to your business.

Corporate giveaways

Investing in merchandise that your customer will use is a clever yet affordable branding opportunity. Not only are you ensuring repeat exposure for your business each time the item is used, but by giving away free gifts, you’re demonstrating that your company cares for its customers. Brand recognition is important for businesses big and small, and what better way to relay your message than with custom drinkware?

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or something more upmarket, here at Discount Mugs we have the perfect solution for your branding needs. Choose from acrylic water tumblers, plastic cups, ceramic coffee mugs, and many more styles and designs. It’s easy to upload your logo or slogan using our design lab, and you can take advantage of our bulk buy discounts and regular price reductions to get the best possible deal on the market. 

Sports teams

Displaying your team’s name or logo is a great way to build team spirit and keep everyone feeling motivated, and what better way to do this than with personalized drinks bottles? Whether you’re traveling to a sports event or you simply want your players to stay hydrated during practice.


Custom Water Bottles Buying Guide Infographic


Custom Water Bottles Buying Guide Infographic

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