Custom School Supplies Buying Guide for Districts, Teachers, and Students Returning in Fall 2021

Getting new school supplies is one of the best feelings for students and educators alike. The excitement of picking out gear serves as a transition between the end of the summer and the school year ahead. And the benefits of having custom school supplies go beyond that happy feeling.


Studies show that students perform better when they have the school supplies they need to keep them engaged. This can lead to better test scores, which reflect well on both teachers and the district as a whole.


This custom school supplies guide will walk you through the different options for your child, student, or staff. No matter whether you are an administrator or an individual buying for yourself, can handle any size order. Stocking up on custom gear is a wonderful way to boost confidence, get excited about the upcoming semester, and start the school year on the right foot.

How Administrators Can Celebrate Back-to-School in Their Districts


As a district administrator, you can use school supplies to show your appreciation for the faculty and staff. Providing branded clothing is one of the most popular and effective ways to do this. The type of clothing you should choose depends on the weather in your area and the school(s) you run.


Private school administrators may consider getting custom polos or button-down dress shirts for the staff. Adding a subtle school logo to these pieces is a classy way to instill school spirit.


If your district has a strong athletics program, custom hats are a great option. Choose your school colors for baseball hats to create a piece of clothing that pops. They are especially handy for areas with warmer weather. If you live in a cold area, however, you could easily choose beanies instead. As the early fall weather sets in, these make a fantastic addition to the start of the season.


Here are some other custom schools supplies that work in any area of the country:


- Back-to-school shirts

- Lanyards

- Personalized badge holders

- Notebooks

- Portfolios


Spirit wear and office supplies are the most popular selections among administrators. Providing this gear fosters comradery and an environment of enthusiasm. As always, bulk orders are an option that can save you money per-unit if you are buying for a large student body or staff.

Teachers That Need to Buy School Supplies for Their Students Can Save by Buying in Bulk


It is hardly a secret that teachers buy supplies for their classrooms. While not required, many teachers do this so that their students can have backup supplies in case of emergency. This helps in two main ways. First, it alleviates stress for students who may have lost or forgotten their tools. Second, it allows teachers to keep class moving with minimal interruptions.


There are also many personalized office supplies that you can purchase for your desk. Providing communal gear is just another way that you can improve the learning experience for your students. Take a look at some of the products that you can buy for your students or your desk:


- Custom highlighters

- Pencils

- Pens

- Stress balls

- Staplers

- Calculators


The good news is that teachers can actually save money with bulk orders. For example, purchasing orders of pencils in mass quantities can result in a discount of more than 30%. This allows educators to stock up and go the entire school year without reordering. Larger orders can even last for multiple school years or can split among several classrooms for maximum cost savings.

Parents Can Buy Personalized Premium School Supplies for Their Children


Kids are hard on their stuff. But the start of the school year provides an opportunity to replace worn out gear. Parents should think about investing in premium school supplies such as custom tumblers, bags, and backpacks which may last longer than options at big box stores.


Custom backpacks are a smart solution for large families as well. Having each child’s name embroidered or printed onto the bag helps everyone find their bag faster. The same goes for lunch boxes. With personalized lunch gear, parents can put on-the-go meals together without worrying about their kids getting confused. This is especially useful for children with food allergies.


For older kids, custom travel mugs and tumblers make a perfect gift for the start of the year. They can use these products for after-school sports, morning drives, and lunchtime. Plus, these gifts are exceptionally durable, helping to reduce environmental waste over time.

Custom School Supplies Students of All Ages Will Appreciate


Most young students like being able to pick out their own school materials. And adding a school logo, name, or sentimental to these items can be a source of motivation throughout the day. When students take pride in their supplies, they are more likely to take better care of them.


No matter what age a student is, there are custom classroom materials that they can individualize. They include products such as:


- Custom pens

- Styluses for tablet devices

- Notebooks

- Personalized tablet sleeves

- Markers

- Lunch boxes


These and other custom-made supplies work for both younger and older students. Even at the college level, there are great options. A custom portfolio can be used for job interviews, and a high-quality lunch box can last for many years.


There are different methods that we use to customize school products. The method depends on the material that the item is made from. For example, embroidery is used for items made of cloth. Conversely, screen printing can be used for several types of material if they have a flat surface area.


For students of all ages, parents, teachers, and administrators alike; having the right gear is essential. And personalized school supplies make the year even better. With custom writing utensils, bags, and office supplies, you can make a statement and instill pride.


If you plan to place a big order, make sure you investigate bulk discounts. They can save you a significant amount of money and the hassle of constantly restocking. Make sure you order a couple of weeks before the first day of class. This ensures that you have everything you need to feel prepared for the beginning of an awesome school year.

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