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Holiday Employee Gift Buying Guide

The Best Gifts to Bring Giving Season Cheer to Company Employees

As employees around the United States return to the workplace over the course of 2021, employers and their subordinates alike have reason to celebrate a slow return to normalcy. With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect opportunity for business owners and decision makers to thank workers for their efforts by sending them home with a custom company gift that reflects employee appreciation.

In the spirit of the giving season, a company that has had a year of success can make a significant impression on those responsible for its success by offering a gift that people at each level of the business receive. Employees will reflect during the holidays on how their employers treated them as the new year dawns. Even a small gift with something as simple as company branding assets can let workers of all levels know that they are recognized for their contributions to the business.


There are plenty of potential employee gifts to choose from, but in this guide, DiscountMugs will break down the items we believe function as the best ways to spread holiday cheer to all levels of a company. Regardless of what industry you may be in, these gifts have the greatest likelihood of their recipients getting regular use out of them, which increases the brand’s perceived quality as well as its quantity of impressions.


Prominent Gifts


Businesses with a more service-inclined approach than a retail-oriented one may want to consider a more premium gift for their employees and contributors to company success than the traditional holiday handout. Fortunately, DiscountMugs has an array of premium merchandise to choose from that can still support the branding assets of any business.


Custom Bags


Companies of all sizes in today’s business environment rely on mobile technology to support their employees. From communication apps in phones all the way to tablet computers, the range of devices and capabilities available to workers is more vast than ever before.


Many businesses, even some at the retail level, will find it necessary to equip their professionals with small personal technology such as tablets or smartphones to support client and internal communications. This makes a gift such as a personalized messenger bag an excellent option to provide employees with a method of safeguarding the technology their employer has trusted them with. Workers will have a comfortable and sleek bag to take with them on their commute that demonstrates their company pride while giving them a reliable way to transport their professional tech to-and-from the workplace.


DiscountMugs has over 45 custom messenger and laptop bags available in a dozen colors and over seven different materials. These bags all give prominent display to a company logo that designers can easily implement onto the face of the bag, and each provides a secure method of transport for any handheld or pocket-sized device.


Ceramic Mugs


One of the signature products offered by DiscountMugs, complimentary ceramic mugs are almost always a welcome gift among professionals in all circles. As numerous business people rely on morning coffee to accelerate their daily routine, caffeine enthusiasts will keep multiple ceramic mugs handy to avoid the need of washing the same one continuously.


Ceramic mugs are not only a useful gift for employees, but also one that displays company branding at a vital moment of every worker’s day. When making coffee in the morning and selecting a mug — even if the mug remains on the shelf — its face still prominently shows a company logo. This creates regular moments for employees to reflect on the value their employers have for them as they prepare to go to work.


DiscountMugs has custom ceramic mugs available in 15 different colors with over 85 unique styles that brilliantly illustrate any business’ logo. The custom mugware selection ranges from traditional latte mugs to two-tone bistro mugs, tea cups, and even beerware such as pilsner glasses and tankards.


Commemorative T-Shirt


In a wild year that followed up a previously wild year, there was likely no shortage of significant or memorable events that happened within various companies. Whether a random circumstance that affected all levels of the company or a charity event that yielded full participation, having a gift that commemorates a shared moment can mean a lot to employees that have invested their careers at a given business.


The DiscountMugs catalog includes numerous custom shirt and clothing designs available in a fleet of colors, materials, and brands. These shirts are all comfortable, available in a range of sizes, and can support any company logo or graphic well. For previous company events that utilized graphic assets for marketing, shirts present an excellent opportunity to commemorate a moment for the business by reusing or repurposing the design on a company clothing gift.


Small Gifts


These gifts work well for holiday seasons at large corporations because they all provide value to the recipient through purpose in everyday lives — whether to an executive or customer-facing employee. These holiday items can be purchased in quantities with tiered discounts, which ensures any business will have enough for each attendee and prospective client at its booth.


Edible Gifts, Food and Snack Boxes


Treats are a common and welcome sight around the holiday season, which makes them an optimal choice for a gift that goes to all levels of the company. While it is important to make considerations such as food allergies when selecting these gifts, businesses of all sizes can use an edible gift as a simple way to provide a rush of seasonal cheer in their employees.


The custom culinary experts at DiscountMugs have a vast assortment of personalized holiday treats available. Candies, chocolates, cookies, mints, gum, and trail mix are just some of the desserts and snacks available that can support company branding on the packaging. High-energy professional environments can even enjoy custom coffee and tea tins, as well as energy drinks and sugar-free energy shots.


Can Coolers


As employees return home for Thanksgiving and holiday breaks, many will include viewing of traditional media and television programs among their family activities. Thanksgiving football, the NBA on Christmas, and numerous children’s holiday specials are just some of the activities that families will tune into for extended viewing periods often accompanied by food and beverage.


This makes a simple item such as a can cooler an optimal and practical choice for a company-wide gift during the giving season. When enjoying bottled or canned beverages at home, cooler sleeves are often appreciated but usually not available in enough abundance for an extended family. Gifting employees an extra koolie with a custom company logo is a great way for them to illustrate their professional pride to their loved ones in a family setting.


At DiscountMugs, the available range of custom can coolers includes well over 15 distinct colors in four different styles of foam material. These coolers are designed to fit cans made from all sorts of materials, and some of the more premium options even support a full photo or portrait across their entire cylindrical design.


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