Fundraiser Giveaway Ideas: Best Custom Gifts for Attendees

When it comes to fundraising, there are many reasons why people give. If the goal is to gain repeat donations, you want to make sure that donors have a positive experience with your organization. One way to do this is to offer fundraiser attendees a token of your appreciation. The best custom gifts for attendees are ones that improve perception while also being practical.


Did you know nearly three quarters of all charitable giving comes from individual donors? This means making a direct impression on fundraiser attendees and potential philanthropists for your cause is important. In this guide, DiscountMugs will provide insight into what gifts will serve as the best favors for the guests at your fundraiser—regardless of the cause or event type.

Choosing the Right Favors


The favors you should provide at a fundraiser depend on the type of event you are hosting. You want to choose gifts which match the tone, quality, and purpose of the event itself.


For example, if you are hosting black-tie event, you probably do not want to give out plastic ink pens as a favor. This does not match the tone of the fundraiser and can leave attendees with a bad perception of your organization or cause.




A gala is one of the most extravagant fundraising events that you can host. These events are classy and come with an expectation of quality. Attendees often look forward to a dinner, live entertainment, and some form of presentation. While a successful budget will focus on these major components, you should still provide a high-quality gift for donors that will remind them of the event.


Custom glassware is a popular choice for many events. You can create one-of-a-kind shot glasses, wine glasses, beer mugs, and other high-quality drinkware with a commemorative logo engraved or printed on the side. These types of gifts are a great choice because they are unique to most kitchens.


If you are hosting a sports or health-related gala, you may consider tumblers as a gift instead. This ensures that the gifts are small enough for well-dressed attendees to take home while also being functional and high-quality.


Art Exhibition


An art exhibition is unique because it offers attendees an experience often without a set schedule. People may be more focused on the displays than on the order of events, so you want to pick a custom gift that is convenient.


Swag bags work well for this type of event because you can easily hand them out as people leave. Fill the bags with custom items like pens, drink coozies, candies, or lip balms. This is a practical gift that you can present in a fancy way using high-quality packaging.




A fundraising auction represents a bit of a challenge when considering gifts for guests—given attendees may already be leaving with a “gift” depending on their bids. One option that works naturally with this type of event is a custom bidding fan that doubles as a party favor (depending on the quality). You could also consider tote bags which allow the attendees to carry their personal belongings easily as they browse the various options.


If a product gift does not match the vibe of your event, consider custom gift bags. You can include personalized food items in this branded packaging—such as candy or cookies—that will leave a good last impression on your donors.


Fun Run


The best part of planning a “fun run” is that there are so many gift options that will work for participants. Because these events are less formal, guests are often happy with a functional item that is easier on your budget. Here are some of the best custom gifts for fun run participants:


- Baseball hats

- T-shirts

- Sports water bottles

- Towels

- Blankets

- Sunglasses

- Tote bags

- Hoodies or sweatshirts


T-shirts are by far the most popular gift item for fun run fundraising events. Organizations typically include their logo or an important graphic related to the event. Many also choose to add the date and location of the fun run so participants can remember the details. Because there are so many options, you have more flexibility with the colors and designs that you use for these gifts.


The Right Design


When you create custom gifts for your fundraising event, you want to carefully consider the final product. Answer these questions as your brainstorm ideas:


- What makes your event or organization special?

- What is the most memorable part of your event?

- What cause do the donations go towards?

- How does the fundraiser impact the world/community?

- How do you want people to feel when they look at or use your gift?


Say that you are raising money for the cause of young adult education. You could include the organization’s logo on the gift and say something about how many children have benefited so far. Avoid a cluttered design, as this can make the gift look cheaper and less impactful.



If you decide to give drinkware as a gift, you will have many materials to consider. These include:


- Glass

- Copper

- Stainless steel

- Plastic

- Ceramic

- Aluminum


The materials you choose should match the tone of the event. For example, you may choose a more expensive material for gala favors than for fun run gifts. A plastic water bottle will not match the tone of a black-tie event and can make attendees question the validity of the organization.


When in doubt, opt for custom packaging of unbranded gifts. It may not always make sense to give a gift with your logo on it, but you can still make an impact with the presentation. In those situations, consider a branded drawstring bag, box, or paper bag instead. This is a great way to elevate the look of fundraiser favor.


At the end of the day, attendees want to know the impact they are having. A custom gift should highlight the success of the foundation/organization through both its design and construction. Because most fundraising contributions come from individual donors, it is important to personalize the experience. Offering a party favor or gift shows your attendees that you value their donations and appreciate their support.


If you seek to generate more donations in the future, it is important to cultivate a positive giving experience from start to finish. Custom gifts demonstrate your commitment to excellence. This improves the perception of your organization and can further your charitable mission for years to come.


Have a fundraiser gift in mind? Get started on your custom design today with any of the top-selling promotional items from DiscountMugs.

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