Wedding Events: Choosing the Best Custom Wedding Favors

One of the many important aspects of a wedding is the favors for guests. Wedding favors serve as a memorable “thank you” for the guests in attendance. However, due to the sheer amount of wedding themes and personal preferences of the bride, the groom, and the family; no one object works for every wedding.


Fortunately, there are an array of options to match any theme and guest demographic. Wedding favors that are practical, commemorative, festive, or long-lasting will give pleasant memories for guests. DiscountMugs can assist brides and grooms with selecting and personalizing products that will please guests—and we have the inventory to ensure each of your attendees goes home happy with a favor in hand!

General Rules of Thumbs for Custom Wedding Favors


Common sense dictates that each wedding guest should receive their own party favor. However, there are notable exceptions to this rule.


When the party favors are sufficiently large or expensive, one party favor per family will usually suffice. Babies who are too young to identify and appreciate party favors can be exempted from the “one-party favor per guest” rule. Obviously, minors should never receive age-restricted party favors such as alcohol or adult-themed items.


Practical Wedding Favors


Wedding favors that combine usability and compatibility with the wedding’s theme will be a memorable benefit to guests, especially those who traveled long distances to attend the wedding.


Edible wedding favors—such as snack bags, assorted nuts, popcorn bags (already-popped, not microwaveable), and candies—can help stave off guests’ hunger before the reception’s meal or provide a sentimental snack after the wedding. Caffeine-loving guests will appreciate tea bags or a variety of coffee beans and mixes, especially if they face a long drive or flight after the wedding’s conclusion.


For gifts that will receive sustained use, consider festive or colorful luggage tags that can assist out-of-town guests for their trip home and future travels. Customized face masks can lower the guests’ risk of contracting and spreading illnesses while giving them a valuable tool to keep themselves and others healthy long after the wedding has been completed. Coasters with text or logos can protect the surfaces in guests’ homes, especially when they host their own parties and events.


Looking for more seasonal options? Handheld fans can keep guests cool during outdoor summer weddings, and customized bottles of sunscreen can prevent guests from getting sunburned. And ecologically-friendly wedding favors – such as small gardening tools, bamboo chopsticks, and reusable straws – can benefit guests while lowering the environmental impact of the wedding.


Custom Wedding Favors That Immortalize the Event


Wedding favors with photos or art of the wedding can be a source of happy memories long after the wedding ends!


Items such as customized keychains can display a pertinent photo while helping guests organize their keys, fobs, and other miniature security devices. Photo magnets can also be imprinted with wedding memorabilia and can brighten any refrigerator or magnetic bulletin board. Customized handkerchiefs can serve as a memorable reminder after the wedding while keeping guests’ cheeks dry during the ceremony.


Another great option would be photo frames. Frames for pictures are a time-tested, traditional way to display images on any event. Both classic and technological frames offer a variety of functions and enhancements for personal photos.


Festive Personalized Wedding Favors


Wedding favors can be both practical and festive. A combination of functionality and customizable features can lead to wedding favors that guests may re-use at their own parties and functions.


Customizable can coolers can help regulate the temperature of guests’ drinks when the available beverages include aluminum cans. Decorated wine glasses and champagne glasses can commemorate the wedding while giving guests glassware to use for their celebrations or private use. Miniature lanterns can add ambiance to the wedding as well as guests’ outdoor areas and indoor parties.


For more festive favors, decks of playing cards that replace the Kings, Queens, and Jacks with wedding photos can liven up card games—from Solitaire to 7-Card-Stud. For adult guests, personalized “scratch bags”—small bags with text or logos on the outside and one or more lottery scratcher tickets inside—could bring as much luck as catching the bouquet or the garter!


Children may enjoy personalized gliders, though it is advised to give the children ample place to fly their gliders to prevent crash landings into the wedding cake or the mother-in-law. Parasols match many wedding themes, and they can keep guests cool during warm outdoor weddings.


Looking for a fashionable gift? Customized socks can protect guests’ feet on the dance floor and provide comfort long after the wedding is over. Personalized flip-flops can also be a welcome respite from dress shoes for guests during walking from venue to venue or after a few intense songs on the dance floor.


Custom Wedding Favors with Durability


Wedding favors that combine functionality, festivity, and a long period of usage will both delight guests while simplifying their activities beyond the event.


Customized bottle openers will be handy for guests’ parties and home usage, while the logo or text on the bottle opener will remind guests of the wedding. USB flash drives will be a boon for guests who want to take pictures on their digital cameras, though any guest that has an electronic device with memory and a USB port will be able to put a wedding USB drive to good use.


Tea towels will assist guests with keeping their tables and other surfaces clean. Blankets are essential for winter weddings, and proper care will allow the blankets to keep guests warm for many winters after the wedding. And backpacks adorned with wedding photos or text will assist guests with travels and hikes while reminding them of the wedding.


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