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Custom Glassware such as shot glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer mugs, whiskey glasses at cheap wholesale prices

Order custom glassware engraved with your logo

Happy Hour will never feel the same after your purchase our personalized glassware items. Weather in the market for printed or engraved promotional products for your bar, restaurant, special events, or planning to present your most valued clients and employees with unique corporate gifts that immediately make them feel appreciated, we’ve got the right products for you. Available wholesale our personalized glasses are also great for weddings, banquets and parties across the plane, thus presenting you with favor options that will look stunning across your table décor. Order with us today and delight in exquisite and elegant items that call for good and safe times.


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Logo Glassware Printed For Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

Our collection of personalized glassware is not only exclusive but top quality as well. We offer the best wholeslae glassware selection at the lowest prices. If you own a busy hospitality establishment, then we have the ideal items that are a must for any busy eatery or bar. Here at DiscountMugs we guarantee you will get merely just excellence and superiority in your glassware. Our custom glasses are made by the best manufacturers including Libbey, Luminarc (ARC) and Cristar. Our choices include: shot glasses, votive candle holders, champagne flutes, brandy glasses, candy jars, bud vases, martini glasses, beer glasses and mugs, glass coffee mugs, hurricane glasses, wine glasses, margarita glasses, whiskey glasses, glass water bottles, mason jars, water glasses, frosted glassware, sampler glasses, drinking glasses and other specialty personalized glasses.


If you’re searching the right drinkware for your home, hotel, bar, lounge, restaurant, pub, diner or special event, then we have what you’re looking for. Our bulk logo glassware can be customized with just about anything you want. Business names, quotes, drink names, special images, unique messages, dates and food names. Your options are limitless. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and elegant style to keep at your place, then you can always purchase our custom glasses clear. We also have specialty wholesale glassware that you can use as decorations. These include candy jars and votive candles. All of these products are also great for companies to use as promotional giveaway items to their clients. Using logo glassware items with your logo to make your business known is an economical yet effective form of advertising. They will surely make a long-lasting impression of you products or services to all your current and potential clientele.


Our personalized glassware selection is convenient for wedding favors or personal gifts for occasions such as graduations or housewarming parties. Everyone loves receiving custom glassware not just because it can be elegant and stylish, but also because they’re extremely useful for every home. Have them engraved for family and friends and they will be sure to love their brand new and trendy keepsake. You can customize these custom glasses yourself using our easy to use online tools. Simply upload your logo or artwork onto our design lab. We also have a vast gallery of clipart images you can use. The majority of our glasses have the option to add colors to the stems or bottom of the glasses as well as to the graphics and font. Our colors vary from red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, black and green. If you have any questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact our art and production specialists. They will gladly assist you through any step of the process. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new wholesale glassware. We always give 110% price match guarantee.


Shot Glasses

Our personalized shot glasses are not only the best quality but also the most economical for wedding favors, bachelorette parties and bachelor parties. These shot glasses are also great barware additions to busy restaurants, bars, lounges and pubs. We offer short traditional styles as well as long shooter glass styles. These can be customized with fun colors such as blue, pink, red, purple and black. Personalize your cheap shot glasses with names, dates, fun images or quotes.


Votive Candle Holders

Our wholesale votive candle holders make great decoration items for weddings, holiday parties, bridal showers, hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges and pubs. You can also purchase them for your own home and put your favorite scented candles in them. These candle holders can be customized with a variety of colors as well as graphics. You can give them out as wedding favors or promotional giveaways to your clients. These custom glass candle holders will come in handy to your family, friends and customers.


Champagne Flutes

If you’re looking for the perfect his and her glasses for your wedding, then our personalized champagne flutes are perfect for you. Engrave your names on them or your titles and impress all your wedding guests with these top quality glassware items. You can also purchase these custom champagne glasses for your busy bar our lounge. Customize them with your business name or leave them clear for a more elegant and chic style. Your customers will love drinking their bubbly drink in these. These champagne flutes also make great and exceptional promotional giveaways.


Glass Coffee Mugs

Our personalized glass coffee mugs are ideal for specialty coffee shops. They are not only stylish but you can serve either hot or cold coffee beverages in them. You can even use them for tea. These custom glass mugs are also great to add to your glassware collection at home, hotel, restaurant, bar or diner. Everyone will love drinking their coffee in style. If you’re looking for wedding gifts for family or friends, then these custom glass coffee mugs are perfect too. They will surely be a hit with them. Companies can also use these printed glass mugs to give as promotional giveaways to their clients.


Brandy Glasses

Getting custom brandy glasses for your busy hospitality business is a must. Serving your customers their brandy or cognac in these chic and sophisticated glasses is not only fun but ideal. Engrave the name of your bar, lounge or restaurant for an added touch. These personalized cognac glasses are great drinking glasses to have at major events such as weddings, anniversaries, banquets and holiday parties. Your guests will love the elegance these glasses give. You can also order these wholesale brandy glasses for your own barware collection at home. Impress your family and friends with them at your next dinner party.


Candy Jars

Get your personalized candy jars for your wedding, bridal shower or holiday party with us. We have the best top quality glass jars to fit every need. If you own a candy shop or bakery, then these wholesale apothecary jars will come in handy for you as well. They make great storage for candies, cookies, flour, sugar, honey, milk, jams, jellies and other treats. You can use them at home to store crafts supplies or at work to put your office supplies in them and keep your desk area clean. Using custom glass candy jars for promotional giveaways is also great for companies. Their clients will love getting these and will serve as a reminder of your great business.


Bud Vases

Our wholesale bud vases are perfect to use as party or wedding favors. These can be etched with names, dates, images and special quotes. You can also order these personalized wedding vases for decoration for your event. They are elegant and top quality but they come at cheap prices. These bud vases also make great household items. You can use them to decorate any areas of your home or to adorn with flowers. A lot of hospitality businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars and lounges love getting these custom bud vases for their establishment. You can engrave them with your logo or order clear.


Martini Glasses

Wholesale personalized martini glasses make a great addition to any restaurant, bar, pub or lounge. We have select styles such as stemless or curved stem designs. You can get them etched with your business name or the name of a specialty drink. Your customers will love having their martinis in cosmopolitan style with these modish glasses. You can add fun colors like pink, purple, yellow, blue, green or red to make them more unique. You can also have these custom martini glasses as part of your drinkware for your wedding, holiday party or anniversary.


Beer Mugs

Sports bars, restaurants and pubs can restock their business with our exceptional collection of personalized beer mugs and glasses. Engrave your establishment’s name or the name of a popular ale. We have the most stylish designs for every taste out there. Tall pilsner glasses, trendy glass cans, beer tankards, goblets and a tall boot glass are just to name a few. Our custom beer glasses make great gifts for the beer lovers in your life. Use them as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or anniversary gifts. Everyone will love having a new set of beer mugs. You can even add them to your own barware collection at home.


Hurricane Glasses

Personalized hurricane glasses are ideal to have at busy restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs and lounges. These cocktail glasses can be used to serve your customers their favorite specialty drinks. You can have them imprinted with the name of your business or a popular drink name. These barware glasses are fun additions to special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties and even birthdays. Add from a variety of our color selection to make them even more unique. They will definitely be a big hit with party guests, family and friends. Companies can advertise their business using these wholesale custom hurricane glasses as promotional giveaway items to their clients. Everyone will love them.


Wine Glasses

Our collection of personalized wine glasses is outstanding. Our glassware is made with the highest standard glass material and their durability is exceptional. Whether you enjoy a chilled glass of white wine or a strong bold red wine, you will love the designs we offer. Our styles include tall long stem, stemless, goblets and crystal designs. Restaurants, bars, lounges, pubs and hotels love our collection of quality wine glasses. They can be engraved with business logos or specialty wine names. These can also be a part of your special occasion like your wedding and you can have them customized with special dates, names, quotes or images. Or, you can simply purchase these custom wine glasses for your home glassware collection.


Margarita Glasses

Wholesale personalized margarita glasses are a must for restaurants, bars, hotels, pubs and lounges. These drinking glasses will be a sure hit with all your customers. Not only are they top quality but their durability makes them last your establishment for many years. You can engrave them with your business name or a fun image or message. These can also make a great addition to special occasions like weddings, holiday or company parties. Serve a frozen strawberry margarita or a classic one on the rocks. We have traditional styles as well as fun cactus design. These custom margarita glasses also make great glassware addition to your home. Impress your family and friends with them at your next get together.


Whiskey Glasses

Restock your bar, restaurant, hotel, pub or lounge with our personalized whiskey glasses. Whiskey drinkers love sophistication and style and our rocks glasses have just that. You can get them engraved with your business name or the name of a specialty scotch. Your customers will enjoy having their drink with these elegant glasses. They’re top quality and come at discount wholesale prices. We offer a variety of designs like the rocking glass, old fashioned glass, classic style and even a unique circus design glass. These glasses also make perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays and housewarming parties. Your family and friends will love the stylish flair of these custom rocks glasses.


Drinking Glasses

Every hospitality establishment has to have enough glassware items for their busy eatery or bar. These personalized drinking glasses are great barware items for restaurants, hotels, pubs, lounges and diners. We have a variety of styles like mugs, cooler glasses, mixing glasses and jars. Whether your specialty is serving beers, mixed drinks or just juices, water, sodas or iced-teas, your business needs to have the best quality and durability when it comes to glassware. Our drinking glasses offer just that. Engrave them with your business name or the name of a specialty drink. You can also have these as part of your drinkware for your home, wedding, anniversary or holiday party. These custom wholesale drinking glasses can be left clear or be customized with a variety of colors.


Water Glasses

Everyone needs to have water glasses in their home, hotel, bar, lounge, restaurant, pub or diner. These wholesale personalized water glasses are made with the highest standard glass material and with exceptional durability. They will last you for years and withstand many uses and washes. You can choose from classic styles to goblets and crystal design glasses. They can be engraved with business names, logos, images, dates, drink names or just about anything you want. You can also leave them clear to keep a classy look. Our wholesale water goblets are also ideal to have as part of your glassware for special occasions like weddings, bridal showers, banquets and holiday parties.


Sampler Glasses

We have a wide selection of personalized sampler glasses. If you own a hotel, restaurant, pub, lounge or bar then you will want to get your hands on these novelty glassware items. We have wine sampling glasses, mini sampler martini glasses, beer tasting glasses, mini pilsner shooters, and trendy mini hurricane glasses. These are all great items to have when you’re hosting a wine tasting event or having beer sampling events. These all make great wedding favor items. Imprint them with logos, messages, drink names, dates, quotes and images. You can also add colors to some of them like pink, red, blue, purple and black. These wholesale custom sampler glasses will be a hit with all your customers, party guests, family and friends.


Frosted Glasses

Our wholesale personalized frosted glassware collection offer fun and trendy style to any lounge, restaurant, pub or bar. We have beer mugs, shot glasses, coffee mugs, shooters and votive candle holders. These make great party or wedding favors as well as personal gifts. Engrave them with names, dates, quotes or images and add colors like blue, black, purple, pink, yellow, orange and red. These can also be used to serve your guests their beverages at your wedding, graduation, anniversary or holiday party. Companies can also use these custom frosted glassware for promotional giveaways to their clients. It’s an enjoyable and effective way to advertise your business.


Mason Jars

Glass personalized mason jars are great for drinking beer, water, sodas and just about any beverage you want. Restaurants, bars and pubs can get these jar mugs for their busy establishment and engrave them with their logo or popular drink name. They are not only top quality glassware items but their durability makes them ideal and perfect for just about any hospitality business. Our wholesale mason jars with handles are also great for your home. You can serve your family and friends their drinks with these unique styled glasses. Companies can also have them etched with their name or logo and use them for promotional giveaways to their clients. These wholesale custom mason jars come at cheap discount prices so they will please every need and budget for whatever usage you might need them for.


Specialty Glassware

If you’re looking for wholesale specialty glassware then you don’t need to look further. We offer a wide variety of glassware items to suit every need out there with just about every budget. From jars, vases, pitchers, cocktail shakers and glasses, we have it all at discount prices. Whether you’re a busy hospitality establishment such as hotel, restaurant, bar, lounge, pub or diner or just looking for glassware for your special event like wedding or holiday party, we have what you’re looking for. These custom personalized specialty glassware products can be engraved with business logos, names, quotes, dates, images and just about anything you want. You can select from a variety of colors to add to your glassware items as well as the graphics you use.


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