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Libbey Glassware

Design Your Custom Personalized Libbey Glasses Online

Shop our collection of wholesale Libbey glassware in bulk at everyday cheap prices that will help you save. Great for restaurants, bars, lounges and special events such that may include weddings, anniversaries and the like, Libbey brings you years of experience, excellence and unparalleled quality. Specifically designed for the food industry, these are long lasting bar essentials that will help you redesign your venue décor. Select form custom Libbey glasses such as wine glasses, beer mugs, martini glasses, brandy glasses and much more that can be laser engraved or printed with your logo design, bar name or special message. Get started now and delight in combined years of experience that ensure you receive top quality products for your special events. Take advantage of our 110% price match guarantee and shop the lowest prices in the market.

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Best Styles of Wholesale Libbey Glassware for Restaurants & Events

We at offer an extent collection of wholesale Libbey glassware for all your barware and glassware needs. Since 1818 Libbey has been providing exceptional top quality dinnerware and drinkware items. We are proud to provide our customers with the highest standard glassware for their business, homes and special events. All of Libbey glasses are not only valuable but they are long lasting as well. This is why they are extremely popular amongst hospitality businesses. Major food chains as well as small eateries and bars love serving their customers using customizable Libbey glassware. Whether you’re in need of wine glasses, glass coffee mugs, beer mugs, pilsner glasses, drinking glasses, margarita glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses, glass water bottles or even glass candy jars, we have it all in bulk quantities at conveniently cheap prices. You can get all of your Libbey glassware personalized with your logo or name of your hotel, bar, restaurant, pub, lounge or diner. You can even choose most of their glasses with a touch of color such as red, blue, black, pink, purple, orange and yellow. Your customers will love drinking their beverages in style and elegance in these custom Libbey glasses. 


Get personalized Libbey glasses for your next event. All of these glasses make great addition to weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, birthdays and even holiday parties. You can select from an array of designs and styles to use for decoration purposes or to have as part of your drinkware for your party. Get customized glass candy jars to have for your candy station or use our unique personalized margarita glasses to serve those frozen margaritas to all your guests. We even have custom shot glasses that can be used as your wedding favors or party favors. Get them engraved or imprinted with names, dates, quotes or special images. They will be a fun keepsake for your family and friends to take back home with them. Our Libbey glassware selection can also be used by companies to give out as promotional products to their clients. If you have a trade show or convention coming up, you can make an unforgettable impression of your business and services to all of your currents and prospective clients. Get your glasses engraved or printed with your logo and they will be used as your own marketing tool. You won’t have to be overspending on other advertising mediums. These Libbey glasses can be the best way to get your company known.


Personalizing all of our products, including our wholesale Libbey glassware items, is extremely fast and easy using our online tools and D-Lab system. Choose the design you want as well as the colors you want to add to your glassware. Upload your artwork or logo onto our design lab and select the colors for your font and graphics. You can also browse through our clipart gallery and pick an image from there at no extra charge. If you’re unsure of how your glasses will look, simply request an artwork proof for free. We always want to make sure that our customers are completely happy and satisfied with their purchase. If there’s any step of the customization process you may need help with, contact us and our specialists will be willing to assist you. Order your custom Libbey glasses with us today and get 110% price match guarantee.


Libbey Personalized Champagne Flutes & Glasses

We offer a great selection of Libbey personalized champagne flutes. These glasses can be used for your wedding to make that special toast amongst your family and friends. Customize them with names, titles and the date of your special day. Our Libbey personalized champagne glasses also make perfect additions to restaurants, bars and lounges. Get them engraved or printed with your logo or a unique image.


Libbey Personalized Martini Glasses

Serve your customers shaken or stirred martinis at your restaurant, lounge or bar using these custom Libbey personalized martini glasses. We have different designs and styles you can choose from in a variety of colors you can customize such as red, yellow, orange, pink, purple and blue. Choose from tall to short stem designs as well as curved stems for an added flair. These are also great glassware items to have at major events such as weddings.


Libbey Personalized Mixing Glasses

Libbey personalized mixing glasses are extremely popular in a lot of businesses. Styles such as the their line of specialty sports glassware have become popular amongst bars and restaurants serving beer and drinks on game nights. These are great to have the name of your establishment or logo printed on them as well as popular beer and drink names. We also have custom Libbey pint glasses that can be personalized and used for your place. These are all great glassware items to have at events or even as part of your home collection.


Libbey Personalized Water Glasses

Water glasses are a must have item just about anywhere. Get Libbey personalized water glasses for your restaurant, bar, lounge, pub, diner, hotel or home. Serve all your customers and guests not just water, but sodas, specialty drinks, juices and just about any beverage they want. Select styles can be customized with a variety of colors at the bottom of the cups and printed with logos and names on them. You can also give these water glasses as personal gifts to family and friends to add to their own glassware collection.


Libbey Personalized Beer Mugs & Beer Glasses

Libbey personalized beer mugs and beer glasses are ideal and popular barware items at pubs and bars. Some of their styles are perfect to use especially when hosting beer festivals and other holiday events. Another novelty item we love are their beer can glasses. Serve customers their favorite ale or lager in these mugs and glasses with style and elegance. You can get them personalized by having your logo or a specialty beer name printed on them. Choose from a variety of colors or leave them clear.


Libbey Custom Pilsner Glasses

Add unique style to your hospitality establishment and get Libbey custom pilsner glasses to serve your customers their favorite beer. Select your favorite styles and get them customized accordingly to the theme of your restaurant, bar or pub. Choose from different colors to add to the bottom of these glasses and get them personalized with your logo, the name of a specialty brew or fun images. These also make great personal gifts to the beer lovers amongst your family and friends.


Libbey Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Our selection of Libbey personalized whiskey glasses our special event. Choose from select styles and personalize them with logos, names, dates, images, quotes or messages. Everyone will enjoy drinking their scotch in these unique and elegant whiskey glasses. Add colors to the bottom of the glasses or leave them clear for a more chic look.


Libbey Personalized Highball Glasses

Choose from select styles of our Libbey personalized highball glasses for your restaurant, pub or bar. These high-ball glasses are practical drinking glasses that can be used to serve just about any beverage to your customers. Get them customized with your logo, name or the name of a particular drink. You can also select from a variety of colors to add to the bottom of your glasses. Because hi ball glasses are so useful and resourceful, these are even ideal to get for your own glassware collection at home. Get them clear or customize them how you want.


Libbey Personalized Shot Glasses

Our Libbey personalized shot glasses are perfect to have as your wedding favors for all your wedding guests. Choose from a variety of styles and get them personalized for your event. Select other styles of custom shot glasses from Libbey and add colors such as purple, pink, red, yellow, blue and green to make them more trendy and fun and use them as bachelor or bachelorette gifts.  These personalized Libbey shot glasses also make great barware additions to restaurants, lounges and bars.


Libbey Personalized Wine Glasses

Wine glasses add elegance to any business or event. Select from a variety of styles of the custom Libbey personalized wine glasses and serve your customers at your restaurant or bar their favorite aged wine. Get them etched or printed with your logo or name. You can select different color stems for more personalization. These wine glasses are also great to have as your wedding glassware and as your wedding favors. Get them clear or with colors to match your theme.


Libbey Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses give a different feel to your place when serving wine to your customers. Our Libbey personalized stemless wine glasses can be used at restaurants and bars to serve their customers their choice of white wine or red wine with their dinner. You can personalize them with the name of your business as well as the name of special wine. Add colors to the bottom of the glass or leave them clear. These custom Libbey wine glasses are also great to have as wedding favors with names, dates, messages or quotes printed on them. Or, you can always just use them as glassware items to have at your home or special events.


Libbey Personalized Glass Coffee Mugs

Add style to your coffee shop, diner or restaurant by getting Libbey personalized glass coffee mugs to serve your customers their specialty coffees. Choose from select styles and make a great impression on all of your customers. They will love drinking their brewed coffee in these trendy and unique mugs. Select from different colors to add to the bottom of the mugs and get your logo or name engraved or printed on them. These custom Libbey glass mugs also make great holiday gifts for family and friends.


Libbey Personalized Margarita Glasses

If you own a restaurant or bar, you will love our selection of Libbey personalized margarita glasses. We feature fun designs. These will definitely be a hit amongst all of your customers when they order their frozen margarita or their margarita on the rocks. These custom margarita glasses also make great glassware additions to special celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties and holiday parties. Get them printed with names, logos, fun images or leave them blank.


Libbey Personalized Hurricane Glasses

Libbey personalized hurricane glasses are practical glassware items to have at restaurants and bars as you can serve not just hurricanes but also other frozen and specialty drinks. Get them printed or engraved with your logo or business name and choose from a variety of colors to add to the stems. Serve your customers their hurricane or piña colada in these glasses and you can be sure they will be a hit with them. These hurricane glasses from Libbey are also fun party and wedding favors to have at your event. Your family and friends will love having them as a keepsake from your special day.


Libbey Custom Brandy Glasses

Our selection of Libbey custom brandy glasses can make great barware additions to hotels, restaurants, bars and lounges. Get them personalized with your logo or the name of a specialty cognac. Your customers will love drinking their after dinner brandy in these elegant and sophisticated glasses. These personalized cognac glasses from Libbey make great glassware additions to your own home or special event such as a wedding, anniversary or holiday party. Get them printed or engraved with names, images, messages or quotes. Or, to keep the chic look to your place, order them blank.


Libbey Personalized Sampler Glasses

Sampler glasses are great to have, especially when hosting beer tasting or sampling events. Order custom Libbey personalized sampler glasses for your restaurant or bar. We have distinct and unique styles which add a fun flair to your place. Get them personalize with your logo or name and choose from a variety of colors to add to the bottom of the glasses. These custom tasting glasses from Libbey also make great wedding favors and party favors as well as drinkware items at your events.


Libbey Wholesale Sports Glassware

Libbey wholesale sports glassware items are ideal to have at restaurants, bars and pubs, especially on game nights. Select from different styles and add colors to the bottom of the cups. You can also personalize them with your logo or the name of sports teams. These are a favorite amongst sports fans. These custom sports glasses also make great wedding favors items, like the football shot glasses. Get them printed with names, dates, messages, quotes or unique images. They will surely be a favorite for all your party guests.


Libbey Personalized Mason Jars

Libbey personalized mason jars make great additions to restaurants, bars and pubs. Get them personalized with logos, images and names and serve your customers their choice of beer, sodas, iced-teas or just water. They certainly add a different feel to any business. These mason jars also make great glassware additions to homes and special events such as holiday parties, barbeques, birthdays and anniversary celebrations. They are different than your traditional drinkware items and they even add a country feel to any party or get together.


Libbey Wholesale Bud Vases

Using custom Libbey wholesale bud vases for decorations for your wedding or special event can be ideal. They are economical and yet they add elegance to any occasion. Use them to store small flowers or you can even use them as your wedding or party favors. These personalized bud vases are also used at restaurants and bars for decoration purposes too. Another great use for these vases is to give them out as promotional items to your employees and clients. Get them printed with your logo on them and it will surely leave a great impression on everyone.


Libbey Custom Glass Water Bottles

Libbey custom glass water bottles are a great alternative for traditional plastic bottles. They are made from top quality material and are 100% BPA free. They are perfect to give out as promotional giveaway items to clients with your logo on them. Everyone can carry these glass water bottles around to work, their gyms, schools and just about anywhere. These water bottles can be personalized and used as persona gifts or wedding favors. They’re a unique and fun alternative to other traditional favors and gifts. Choose from different designs and select from a variety of colors to add to the caps.


Libbey Personalized Candy Jars

Getting Libbey personalized candy jars for your next event is perfect. We have different sizes and designs to choose from. Use them for your candy stations and fill them with chocolates, candies, mints and other delicious treats. These glass jars also make great wedding favors. Personalize them with names, dates, messages and even recipes. Candy shops also love ordering these custom candy jars to have at their business. Companies can also use candy jars as promotional giveaway items or as employee incentive gifts. Everyone can use them to store personal items at home or keep their desks cleans by using them to store office supplies.

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