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LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED On All Of Your Favorite Promos!
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Do you really have the Lowest Prices?

Absolutely! We guarantee 110% that our prices are the lowest in the industry. If in any case you find one of our exact products offered at a lower price by a retail competitor, we will not only match their price, but beat it by 10%. We require an official quote from the competitor showing the Grand Total including shipping. We reserve the right to alter the guarantee to our discretion. Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice. However, if you have received an e-mail quote from one of our Sales Agents, the price will be reserved for 15 days.

What methods of payment are available?

We are an online retail store, so our method of payment is pre-payment. Any order must be paid in full prior to processing. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MC, Discover, and AMEX. Many government entities or organizations cannot pay with a credit card. Therefore, we also accept physical checks. Paying with a check will delay the order; production will not start until the check is received and cleared. Please make checks payable to and include your order number on the notes or memo section of the check. Please send checks to 12610 NW 115th Ave, Bldg. #200 , Medley, FL 33178. Check payment for rush orders will not be accepted unless approved by us, as this will delay production time. We also accept wire transfers. Call our Sales Team for more details: 1-800-569-1980.

My payment did not go through. What does Error Code 126 mean?

Stricter payment security measures have been implemented to prevent fraudulent transactions. If the billing information does not match pay flow records, the payment will not be approved. Please contact our Sales Team at 1-800-569-1980 and provide the error code for further assistance.

Can I change or cancel my order after I have placed it?

All changes must be made in writing within 24 hours upon receipt of the emailed confirmation. Once the order has left the sales department, we will be unable to change the order. We will not accept any order cancellation requests after the 24 hour period. There is a 5% cancellation fee if an order is cancelled. This rule applies to normal production orders only. There are NO cancellations for any rush orders.

My Grand Total states $0.00! Is my order free?

Our website contains thousands of pages and they are being updated constantly by our web team. We try to be as accurate as possible when publishing information. Glitches may happen from time to time and we cannot honor pricing discrepancies such as $0.00 or penny pricing.

Where can I find a coupon code?

We send weekly specials and coupon codes to our subscribers. Please sign up to receive our special E-mail offers here. We may offer special pricing and/or free shipping from time to time, however these discounts will not be honored on orders that have already been placed. We reserve the right to alter or refuse coupon codes or special offers at any time, without notice. *Coupon Codes or any kind of discounts are not applicable towards Apparel, Caps, USB Drives, Can Coolers, Stress Balls, Coasters, Golf Items, Sample Orders, or Clearance Markdown Items. Coupon Codes are deducted from the merchandise total only and may not be combined.

How do I place an order?

  • Step 1 - Fill out the online price estimator and add your item(s) to the cart.
  • Step 2 - Enter your art/imprint instructions by clicking the “Enter/Upload” button in the center of the shopping cart page.
  • Step 3 - Enter billing and shipping information. If you have any questions or are unable to place your order online, call our knowledgeable Sales Team at 1-800-569-1980 to place your order.

When will my order arrive?

Delivery time is based on the time it takes to produce the order PLUS the shipping time*. *Production time + Shipping time = Delivery time. Our online price estimator will provide an estimated delivery date upon entering shipping address information.

What is Normal/Standard Production Time?

The estimated normal production time is 6-10 business days after placing your order. This time frame is also dependent upon the size of the order and/or the complexity of the artwork or process employed. If you have a specific “in-hands” date, please be sure that there is adequate time before placing an order with a normal production time frame. Delivery dates are only estimated and not guaranteed for orders with normal production time frame. If you pay for expedited shipping method for a normal production order, only the method of shipping will be guaranteed, however the production time frame is still only estimated. Therefore, the order may still not reach you in the time frame required.

What is Rush Production Time?

We offer a “24-Hour Rush” (production time only) service as well as a “3-Day Rush” (production time only) service. Production time does not include any shipping time; therefore shipping time must also be added to production time in order to get an accurate delivery time frame. Production time is guaranteed on rush orders; however the delivery dates are only estimated, unless you opt for expedited shipping. When a rush order is placed with a ground shipping method, the delivery date will only be estimated and not guaranteed, as shipping companies do not offer guarantees for ground shipping. However, if you opt for expedited shipping the delivery date will be guaranteed, so the order will reach you within the time frame given. Rush orders should only be placed as a last resort. Custom printing entails intricate and detailed work, both on the part of the artist as well as the printer, therefore we recommend rush orders only as a last resort. Camera-ready artwork is required for all rush orders, so as to minimize the risk of errors.

What is your Guarantee Policy?

- If we fail to meet a promised delivery date on a “24-Hour Rush” rush order with expedited shipping, and you will still accept the order, then credit will be promptly issued for the difference between the “24-Hour Rush” price and the “3-Day Rush” price.

- If we fail to meet a promised delivery date on a “3-Day Rush” order with expedited shipping, but the client will still accept the order, then credit will be promptly issued for the difference between the “3-Day Rush” price and the normal production price.

- Normal production orders with estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed.
*Once an order is submitted, any changes, delayed artwork submissions, or delayed proof approvals will void our guarantee policy.

How do I submit my art work?

You can upload your artwork and/or imprint instructions online during the “Step 2 – Verify” stage of the ordering process. Simply click the “Enter/Upload” button and submit your art and instructions. You also have the option to e-mail your artwork and detailed imprint instructions to Please reference the order number (starts with DM) in the subject line of the E-mail. * If we do not receive the artwork and/or imprint instructions in a timely manner your order may be subject to delays. We recommend submitting High Resolution art files to meet production time frames. If you do not have high resolution artwork, send us what you have and we will clean up and retouch your art. Retouching artwork may delay the order.

What format should I use to submit my artwork?

- High resolution, camera-ready artwork. (300 dpi or better)

- All fonts must be included with your art file and/or imprint instructions.

- Software Application Files saved in any of the following applications are acceptable
     (PC compatible format):

  • Photoshop File .PSD
  • Illustrator File .AI
  • Vector Art File .EPS
  • Other Image File Types: .TIF, .JPEG, .PNG, .BMP
- If you are unsure whether your art file will work for us, please feel free to contact our art dept at 1-800-569-1980 ext. 404.

How should I select Imprint Colors?

Imprint colors must be carefully chosen. For Example: Printing the color black onto a navy or dark green mug may result in a hard-to-see imprint, as dark on dark does not stand out. In order to promote the best visibility of a custom logo/text, we strongly recommend printing light colors onto a dark surface and dark colors onto a light surface. However, you might have your own pre-conceived notions about what looks good and what does not, therefore, we will not judge your options nor will we be responsible for the choice of imprint color(s) selected.

How large will you print my logo/design?

Due to finite imprint areas, we reserve the right to resize your artwork in order to fit the imprint area of the item ordered; regardless of what size the submitted artwork is. However, if you request a specific imprint size, we will comply, providing it does not exceed the maximum imprint size of the item ordered. Imprint area sizes are available on the product details page of our website.

Can I see a sample before placing my order?

Yes, you can purchase a blank sample online buy selecting the “Sample” option on the price estimator before placing your bulk order. Samples range from $5 - $18 depending on the item.
- Maximum 3 samples per shipment.
- Samples regularly ship within 24-72 hours from time of purchase.
- Half of the amount paid for samples will be credited towards your next bulk order. For example: If you order $50.00 worth of samples, we will credit $25.00 towards your next bulk order.
- USB Samples cannot be credited back towards your next order.
- Samples cannot be returned for credit or refund.

Can I see a physical pre-production sample before I place my bulk order?

We offer 1 physical “in-hands” sample of a product with your own artwork for $150.00. Please call our Sales Team at 1-800-569-1980 for more information or to place your pre-production sample.

What is the status of my order?

You can track the progress of your order online. Shortly after placing your order, we send an e-mail with a username and password to login online and track the progress of your order. Simply navigate to the top right hand corner of our website under “Sign In/Order Status” or Login here.

What carriers do you use and how will my order be delivered?

All shipments leaving our factory are inspected and signed for by the carrier. Most orders are shipped via FedEx or Motor Freight, depending on the destination and weight/size of the shipment. Motor Freight offers curbside delivery only. If you require inside delivery, please call our Sales Team at 1-800-569-1980 to make arrangements prior to placing your order. To ensure protection against breakage, we repackage FedEx shipments into larger cartons, and all motor freight shipments are palletized and shrink-wrapped. We do not deliver to APO addresses.
All package orders will be shipped via FedEx.

Is Shipping Insurance Included in my Shipping Charge?

Although great precautions are taken during the packaging of each order, breakage does sometimes occur during the shipping process. This is why we include shipping insurance in our shipping charge. (Replacement orders will be processed within our normal time frame of 5-7 business days plus ground shipping time.) You may opt to pay for rush shipping; however this insurance will only cover normal ground shipping. If you receive an order that contains less than 10% breakage and/or damage, we will promptly credit your account for that portion. We will require adequate proof of any damage or breakage reported. Place a ticket with Customer Service here to report breakage.
- On a 144-piece order (or greater quantity) with more than 10% breakage, we will promptly replace the broken items.
- On a 144-piece order (or greater quantity) with less than 10% breakage, the cost of the broken items will promptly be refunded.
- Breakage on orders with less than 144 pieces will promptly be refunded, regardless of the quantity of breakage. We will be unable to replace these items.

Do you Ship outside of the USA?

We only ship to the USA (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. Free shipping specials apply only to the contiguous USA. Shipping fees will be charged on every order shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada. For orders shipping outside the USA - INCLUDING CANADA – local duties and/or taxes are included. Delivery dates for orders shipped outside of the USA are essentially estimates, and in no event will we be liable for any delays in delivery. If you require shipping to a different country, we can ship to a freight forwarder of your choice

I have received more/less pieces than I was expecting. What do I do?

We make every attempt to deliver the exact quantity ordered. However, due to manufacturing issues, all orders may be subject to a 5%-10% over-run or under-run.

My Gift Boxes and/or Accessories did not arrive with my order. What do I do?

As an added convenience to our customers, we carry white cardboard gift boxes for most of the items that we stock. These boxes do not ship out with the order itself; they follow shortly thereafter. In the event the gift boxes are not received, please place a Customer Service ticket here to report missing Gift Boxes or Accessories so we can resolve the issue promptly. Failure to receive the gift boxes will not be grounds for canceling an entire order. The gift boxes do require some assembly.

How do I place a re-order?

Simply call our Sales Team at 1-800-569-1980 and reference your previous order number. We will take care of the rest.

What is your return policy?

The industry standard for customized products dictates a no return and a no refund policy. However, if an order is not well received due to an error on our part we will reprint the order and ship it Ground Service. When an error has been confirmed, (upon following instructions under “Place a Ticket/Customer Service”) we will make every attempt to promptly reprint the order. We will process the reprint order exactly as you had originally requested plus any necessary corrections. The product, logo/artwork or imprint color cannot be changed when processing the reprint unless pre-approved by us.

Do I need to pay the screen fee if I place a re-order?

If you order the exact same product with the exact same artwork and imprint color as your previous order, a re-order screen fee of $15.00 will be assessed rather than the full $50.00. Any changes made to the item or the artwork will incur a new setup fee of $50.00. To process a re-order, simply call our Sales Team at 1-800-569-1980.

What is CMYK printing?

Four-color process printing involves separating the three subtractive primary colors of Cyan (C), Magenta (M) and Yellow (Y), plus Black (K). Complex full color images are recreated using the CMYK printing method. This process is recommended for multi-color art and photographs.

Are there limits to what I can print?

- We do not accept designs with multiple advertisements; in some cases we can allow 2 very simple logos on 1 side if the imprint area allows it.
- We do not accept orders with a very large amount of text, wrapping around the items covering most of the item, as these are problematic for production.
- We do not accept orders that require printing a bar scan or any type of scan logo (including QR codes) as this is problematic and could risk the barcode not scanning properly.
- Please feel free to contact our art dept at 1-800-569-1980 ext. 404. To review your logo/design.

Can I use copyrighted material?

- We do not take any responsibility to obtain permission for reproduction of logos, patents, trademarks and copyrights. By agreeing to print any submitted artwork, we will not be held liable for any copyright issues under any circumstances. University logos can only be submitted if you submit a license logo release form from the university to avoid any future royalty fees. Fraternity/Sorority logos, or names, cannot be printed unless a one-time use agreement form is requested by us and approved by the organization’s HQ. This process will be handled by once your order has been placed.
- Unfortunately, we are unable to accept greek letters as artwork files, as these are licensed artwork.