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Personalized Bar Mitzvah Favors

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On their 13th birthday, boys enter the age of Bar Mitzvah, and become fully integrated members if the Jewish community.  A “son of commandment,” he  now has the same rights as any other adult, and assumes responsibility for all his actions. Bar Mitzvah also refers to a time when family and friends come together and celebrate the boy as coming of age.  The ceremony and party are not required for the boy to become Bar Mitzvah, but having these traditions in place makes it a much more special time for the boy who has become a man.


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Here's the ultimate insider guide to the festivities:


The Ceremony

It's not necessary to have a ceremony to have a Bar Mitzvah, but it has become a sort of rite of passage.


In recent times, this ceremony usually demands a lot more preparation from the boy who will work with a teacher for months, sometimes years, studying for the day of attainment and the ceremony.


What he does in the service will be different from community to community.  Some of what he will do usually involves some or all of the items below:


- Leading in practiced prayers

- Reading a portion of the Torah during a Shabbat service

- He will speak about the Torah and possibly a Haftarah reading.

- Completing a charity project before the ceremony begins to raise funds for a charity of the bar mitzvah likes.


This may be a watershed moment for the boy as many years of study come together, but he knows that he has lifetime of learning the Jewish customs and ways ahead of him.


Celebration and the Party

The tradition of following the bar mitzvah ceremony with a party is a fairly new development.  As a major life event, the Jewish community enjoy throwing a party for this occasion and they do so often on a par with the Jewish wedding. It is important to remember that the party is simply the moment that marks the religious ideals of becoming a Bar Mitzvah.


Gather friends and family together for a great time of music and appreciation for the young lad’s life attainment. An organizer for this party will want to purchase parting gifts for all the attendees of the Bar Mitzvah party.  These may include a selection of personalized gift ideas and often at wholesale pricing to keep the party budget intact.  Often, it seems that selecting the right Bar Mitzvah gifts is a challenge, but it need not be if one knows where to look.


Gift Ideas

Gifts are commonly given to a Bar Mitzvah after the ceremony, like at the party. Whatever one might give a boy of his age on his birthday is a pretty safe bet to give.  It doesn't need to have much if any religious connotation to it. Gift cards or cash is really appreciated by the bar mitzvah gift. Many families will often donate a part of the money gifts to a charity of the young boy's choosing. Some of the cash gifts will be used to attend the college that he wishes to attend in the future.


Of course, there are many personalized bar mitzvah gift ideasthat one may use to give a gift that truly commemorates the event.  Keep it real and be supportive of the young man, for as much he has learned about the world and society, he has so much to learn. 

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